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My Music story.

Hey guy's I hope all is well. So I just wanted to take some time and tell you a little bit about my music story. So I grew up in a world surrounded by musicians my Grand father was a country folk artist that had great success in his area. My Uncle Carl aka Vike was a rock star in Detroit Mi. it is know by all the locals and family that "Kid Rock" stole his style lol. My other Uncle Mike was also a rock star who even had the opportunity to open up for top acts such as Kiss and has had his music played in major movies. He is now a major producer for Top Pop stars in the UK and USA. The most important (to me) out of all of them was my big brother Jusin Owen aka BigBoss Payday. He was the rapper. He always flowed, ripped the mic and dominated rap battles. He often had me free style with him when I was young. His passion for hip hop always grabbed me and pulled me into it. So I would flow with him for days but didn't take it serious yet. I was always the alternative music junkie jamming out to Blink 182, Sum 41, Fall Out Boy ect. For a short time I even was in a band and had great success until that tragic age hit.... yep puberty lol.. my voice cracked and squeaked and i lost the amazing voice I had. So I thought my music carer was over. But never stopped writing poetry. So I chased another dream my brother Justin and I also had in common professional skateboarding. I skated every day morning to night even ditching class just to go skate and vibe with the hommies. We Were all so influenced by the skate and hip hop life style. We'd often skate then chill out and bust freestyles. When my friends heard me they said "Ridge ya gotta make some music". But I never took it serious. Just loved to have a good time rap battle the best up and coming artist in my town at house parties and kick a smooth verse for the "finest" chick at the party...lol.. Back then all my rhymes were about the average urban skate rat life style. You know..??? Sex, money, weed...SMH..lol.. Then I started to study politics and the life of Freedom fighters such as Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King Jr., Bob Marley etc. Shortly after I started to realize my music was changing into more political, inspiring, freedom chasing poetry. I started to realize I was a real rapper. I was someone who spoke exactly what they believed and what they lived. Then I started to think about creating a mix-tape. I was about 18 years old at this time living in my best friends house mooching off of his christian, God fearing parents that took me in as one of their own. His father often talked to me about Christ and His love for me. At this Time I was searching for truth studying every religion out there. I read the Quran, the Torah, the life and teachings of Gautama Buddha and Haile Selassie I ("Ras Tafari"). But none of them lined up or held up to be true. But one thing I knew is they lead me to seek Jesus. They all pointed me to Jesus. So one day as I was talking to Tracy ( my friends dad) It all started to click. So I stayed up one night reading the Gospel of John. Right then I was sold. I gave my life to Christ. I gave up all hope for being a famous musician and decided to chase a life that would lead me to be a Pastor. Little did I know God still had a plan and purpose for music in my life. By the time I was 20 God spoke to me and told me to pick up a pin and write a song for my brother. I questioned it at first but I did. I recorded it made a video to it as well. When my brother seen it he called me and gave his life to Christ!! Over a song! Over a hip hop song! I was shocked. I sat in awe of what God was doing. God then spoke to me and told me the plans he has for my music. I have been making music for about 5 years now, but have only been taking it serious for 2. What you see now is the living testimony of what God can do when you trust and obey Him. So sit back relax and enjoy the ride with me. Ridge Wilson aka King Kephir.

King Kafir

Ridge Wilson A.K.A. King Kafir was born June 4, 1990 in So Cal. He is a Minister, public speaker, Song Writer, Recording and Preforming Artist for Battleground City in Tucson Az. He is married to Shontia Wilson and has a young son, Shane Wilson. His mission is to see lives changed and transformed threw power of the Gospel. His vision for making this possible is to reaching out to inner city at risk youth and young adults threw his music and life style. King Kafir came from a very rough background and has seen many close friends and family members fall victim to the gang banging lifestyle, prostitution, drug use, alcoholism etc. His heart is to see young men and women chose to live above the norm of their environment and to rise above and be a solution provider to their community.