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amanda livingston
amanda livingston  (about 6 years ago)

ok guys i cant let this go on any longer. yall rock and all that and congrats on your contract, but i lost all respect for you guys when i read yalls biography on the darkside web site. how could yall just not even mention darkus's name in the biography? instead you guys totally berated him by saying "In late 2010 when the current vocalist for the band at the time was not fulfilling the responsibilities of what the band needed to push forward musically it was decided that a replacement need to be found". cmon guys, that was a low blow...Hes the one that got everyone raving about you guys in the first place! i actually talked to him awhile back and he STILL wishes yall the best of luck after that low blow! i was a good friend of jmill's and back then yall were mediocre except for jmill and jadee of course. when darkus joined, that was when you guys started to take off. i know yall have a contract now and all, but yall are still just an average looking band with an awesome lead, an ok rhythm and bass, and a drummer that needs to drum more and sing WAY less...there is really nothing to say about the current singer except he walked in on a good and steady foundation that was already laid down...i just spoke for over half the people that come see yall and seen yalls site. sorry to be so blunt...good luck

Jason K Stewart
Jason K Stewart  (about 6 years ago)

look to all that is mad about darkus understand we have nothing against him we are still friends even if we dont talk as much as we used to we had to do what was best for the band to prosper and i hope that whatever he does in the future does very well. And no he did help us gain a little momentum in east texas but that is it and to be honest and i dont mean to be rude or anything like that but if he would have done what we asked of him for the year that he was with us he probably still would be with us we give him all the respect that he he deserves from us but he is no longer with us and doesnt need to be on our bio. and im glad that some think that we were just medioker in the begining because if we were as good then as we are now then that would be sad that we would have had to go through all the member changes that we have had to to be this good and you must be a friend of jadee's but im the other guitarist and we miss jmill but i wrote just about everthing he played back then and most of that is still in the music now am i saying that im as good as he was NO he is alot better than i am but no matter i actually tought him how to play the guitar when we were young and if you dont believe me which if i were you i wouldnt but you can ask adam p. and he would prob know and if not ask zack if you know him and again i am no where as good as he was but if you are going to talk shit then know everything before you do. By the way i was the original singer also and i know i wasnt that good at the singing but you know what me jadee daniel and bobby are all the original members and we are doing the best that we can to go as far as the music industry will allow us so we needed people that were as serious as we were and the lineup that we have now is the best that we have ever had and if you havent seen us lately maybe you should before you do anymore judging. Im sorry if i have offended in any way i just know how hard we have tried and how little other around us have but you and everyone else is entitled to there opinions and i respect you for telling yours and im sorry for my lack of punctuation and spelling.