Glitzy Glow / Blog

First studio report

Hi there Glitzy folks! A late studio report but the first. :) Better late then never?! All the drums has been recorded and all bass lines except for some fret-less bass lines for Dragonfly and on the stick on Welcome To This Glow and Now Is Never Later. All the 2:D guitars are recorded. Thats it for now! Keep it Metal Glitzy people!!!! CYA! /Roxxy

First blog

Hi there it's Johnny Roxxy bass player in Glitzy Glow that welcomes you all to the Reverbnation Blog. I've got the task to deliver a blog in here as often as possible. Some people I now personally and others are fans of Glitzy Glow and some are just curious of the band :)

When I got in touch with Reverbnation it looked OK and I hope that it will make news, personal Glitzy Glow players for fans to share the Glitzy Music and contact with Glitzy easier.

We got a "Street Teamer mission" out here at Reverbnation there you have chance to get a signed CD-single. By joining you will get a widget a glitzy glow player to post on websites to pass the Glow around :P you will see stats on how many plays your player have received I think I'm new to this to soo hehehe

OK fans and friends hope to write soon /Johnny Roxxy