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I just re-released my first CD called "DREAM" here on Reverbnation.... CHeck it out and download your favorite song or the whole album... Happy Holidays to everyone... Philip Cole

It's a New Year

Well guys and gals another year has come and gone... I hope this finds you all in a better place than last year. I know I have been working hard on getting new music together. I had some ups and downs this year but all and all doing pretty good. During the last year I have recorded a lot of new music and a couple of videos. I have been working on getting them cleaned up and edited and ready for publish. This year looks like another busy one with a couple of projects I have got going on with a couple of my ReverbNation friends... My newest single "Lonely Heart" is released and doing well. I will be looking at making a video for that one as well soon enough. Also looking for band members to go out on tour with as this summer I will be looking to do some shows any where I can... Anyways I thought I would share some things going on in my mind with you all... Have a great Friday and a most excellent weekend...

Philip Cole

Whats Happening

Hey guys Philip Cole here with another Blog for your mind... It has been a while since I last wrote... So what has been happening??? humm... Well not a whole lot happening here besides the same'ol situation... I am going back in to the studio for my next CD... I am looking for a early release in 2011, but we will have to see... The new CD will include song from my demo along with some new stuff that will kick you ass... Plus a few redone favorites... Catch one of my shows to get a preview of what will be on the new album... I have been recovering from a dislocated pinky from a windsurfing incedent. So I have not been out on the road. However I am getting back into the swing of things...I will be playing back out at the Airport Pub on Tuesday nights. Come on out it is a great time and there is always good music to listen to. Well I hope to see you guys around sometime, if you are at on of my shows feel free to stop by and say hi... Catch ya on the flip side guys... See Ya...

Hi guys

Well I am just starting this blog thing... Not to sure what to say... But I know that I would like to thank everyone for supporting me I really appreciate it. Oh and I want to let you all know that I have some awesome t-shirts on sale now at my site www.PhilipCole.info please pick one up and show the world I do exist..lol See at the next show... Philip Cole