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A poem inspired by the beautiful and gifted Sade. "The Woman of Love"

The Woman of Love By Jeffrey McKinney

The Woman of Love See her essence See her beauty It can not be measured Nor can it be contained

Her love falls gently Life giving like the soft gentle rain

On a hot summer day It cools and refreshes For it knows no shame

The woman of love Has no boundaries For her love is not only true But pure

Her love last a lifetime and forever And for ever it will endure

She is soft like the pedal of a flower Tender and peaceful like a dove Yet strong as iron Able to handle the pains and joy of love

She is fragrant and sweet She is pleasant not only on the eyes But she is pleasant on the spirit and soul Who can contain her love It is more precious than silver and gold

It is a wealth untold

The Woman of love Who will her love touch next No one can tell For it indeed is an ever flowing well She is beauty divine I am captured by her spell I am lost in her rhyme It is divine Woman of Love Thanks for giving me your time.

(c) 2009 Jeffrey L. McKinney


Flowers By Jeffrey L. McKinney

How do you grow so wonderfully unique so aromatic sweet

How do you know when to bloom in full spouting your slendor for all to see

How do you show without pretense of pride your heavenly side

when the world only wants to show weeds of discouragement

You show the way To a better day Make me smile How you can be so delicate and wild

Surviving winter and rain surviving the weeds of life that give such pain

I solute the beauty of you I solute the God that created you I solute the sun that shines on you

Hope you see beauty in me too. Flowers

(c) 2009 Jeffrey L. McKinney

Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day

By Jeffrey L. McKinney

Inspiration from the heart Love's ecstasy sparks Joy divine Like sweet wine Sipping time in a bottle of forever bliss With each kiss Magnifying songs that make lovers passionate And makes dreamers cry Such is the arrow through the heart The chocolate delight of passion stolen in the night The red of heart's delight When lovers take flight Take flight on the wings of this madness s we call LOVE Let it never die, if only for one night.

© 2011 Jeffrey L. McKinney




Jazz By Jeffrey McKinney

Here that sound That's Jazz man. That's Dixie and Spirituals Classical and rituals European and African Drums of Congo Square Chicago horns a blare Mississippi guitar and note book songs Singing stories of homeland stolen And a new Exodus to a new homeland above Now that’s love And that's Jazz

Kansas City Sassy Cotton club classy Caribbean Clava, Salsa, Bossa Nova Hot

Big Band ballroom dancing Delta blues New school ole school Syncopation Explanation? Thought you'd never ask Boy do you have class

It's about taking you on a trip If you're hip You will understand the Universal Sound For it is a mixture of all things Spirit and natural All in one Serious and fun Son, that's Jazz Ella, Duke, Satchmo Mo better blues, for sure But mo better everything I sing it too because I'm happy I sing it too because I'm free And when I'm free, I like to take you with me Don't you want to go You see with Jazz, you choose the destination The sound is only the transportation Dig

Then listen to some Jazz And take a little trip take a little trip take a little trip with me take a little trip take a little trip take a little trip and see

It's free and you don't even have to take a little sip To trip, well some do But that's them That doesn't have to be you You see you can meditate Celebrate And yes Procreate too, smiles Well you sho nuff can if that's your plan

Well my friend don't hate and don't procrastinate It's just a matter of what destination YOU CHOOSE to take But do go, we all need to sometimes ESCAPE All aboard;)

(c) 2008 Jeffrey L. McKinney

Mssylady  (about 7 years ago)

All I can say is "BEAUTIFUL". Really like GOD BLESS YOU. I am going to look for some of your music this holiday weekend. Keep it up and God Bless You!