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Ryda Click on the ride.

It has been a long ride for the Boyz of Ryda Click this year.They have added myself(Jim"Chief" Finley) as their manager,they have put out a 4 song Demo,played numerous shows at Pops Nightclub in Sauget,Illinois,they have also played at Characters Books and More and Rejects Tavern both in our hometown of Centralia,Illinois,and finally finished their first studio album(Laugh Now Cry Later) at Sewa Thug Studios(Due out Aug.26th,2010).They are very talented YOUNG men(both 18 at the time of my writing this blog) with a lot of heart,soul,determination,and drive.Their shows have all been high energy and full of raw intensity.I am honored to be a part of the Ryda Click and Sewa Thug Family.Thanks for taking the time to read this blog.I will update it as things move forward. Sincerly, Jim(Chief)Finley Manager/Ryda Click