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Mad Professor Respects Acid Dub

Under The Spell Of Dub says dub legend Mad Professor about Acid Dub. Acid Dub's Karl Gray is personal friends with the dub icon and caught up with him recently in San Francisco. Mad Professor was given a prototype cd of the latest release by Acid Dub "DubStorm." Acid Dub's Samokem Bigg says "Yes I. Maximum respect out to Mad Professor, the true dub pioneer!" Acid Dub producer W.J. McKay says "I wanted DubStorm to sound like those very early recordings coming out of Ariwa Studios in London." Ariwa Studios was created by Mad Professor in the late 1970's at the beginning of his long career. Like Acid Dub, Mad Professor continues to produce innovative dub music, but now on all-digital platforms. Mad Professor fans worldwide will enjoy Acid Dub's DubStorm.

The Early Days of Acid Dub

With the horrific death of Acid Dub co-creator Bunny Sugar Bear in 2009, many have asked why Acid Dub the band was less known than the other later bands in the genre. Samokem Bigg and Bunny Sugar Bear were extremely reclusive, often disappearing into the Trenchtown underworld for years at a time. Rumors of sightings at Lee "Scratch" Perry's cave weren't uncommon, but the Acid Dub pioneers generally kept a very low profile. If it wasn't for W.J. McKay's recordings, the genre of acid dub might not have ever congealed. Since Bunny's demise, Samokem has been virtually non-existent. Any future recordings by Acid Dub remain speculative at best. But Jah willing, those living members will feel the spirit of Bunny Sugar Bear and stun the world one more time.