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10/12/12 Tonight!!!

Rainy Lane Rocks!!! Mo's Neighborhood Grill Tonight! Check out are schedule for details and future shows!

Rainy Lane

Wow! Check out our schedule, Rainy Lane Rocks!!!

Rock Steady!!!

Looks like we are going to keep on rocking for the rest of the year! can you say awesome!!!


Who is in for a road trip to huntington?

Missed everyone!

Rainy Lane Rocked with Soledad’s Time Machine and Tater Famine (out of Cali). Very intimate affair indeed. We missed everyone at Burt Tiki Lounge, pretty embarrassed by our turn out for sure! Building a band is like building a proto-type machine! Few people know the secret, some of the closest have been to most of our shows already! Three show on the drawing board now. Rock on Rainy Lane! Rock On!!!

666 web fans!

This morning we have 666 virtual fans! Ah ha ha! Guess that's what we get for being a nice band! Burt's Tiki Lounge Tonight! We have the early set!

Keep on Rockin!

Two Days Patiently waiting for our next show!

Rainy Lane@Burt's Tiki Lounge, Thirsty Thursday Aug. 6, with Tater Famine (Check em out! Touring out of Cali.) and Soledad's Time Machine!!! Do we have any hardcore week night fans? Burt's Tiki Lounge 726 So. State, Salt Lake City 9:00pm $7.00 @ door.

Next Show

Patiently waiting for our next show! Thursday August 6th @ Burt's Tiki Lounge 726 So. State, Salt Lake City 9:00pm $7.00 @ door.

Thirsty Thursday Anyone? Aug. 6th

Rainy Lane@Burt's Tiki Lounge with Tater Famine, Soledad's Time Machine!!! Thursday Aug. 6, hard core fans need only apply! How many fans can a young band of old guys pull on a work night?


Thanks to all the people who came out to Liquid Joe's last night! Thanks to Bludgeon Muffin, Random Dance, and Lucid 8 for joining us for the Rock Show!!! This Train is Rocking and Rolling!