The Next Time you want to get Unchained, come out to one of the cool venues that we perform in and get freaky with It!

Support Live Local Music!!

Times are tough folks, we know! Going out is harder these days, but lets remember how cool it was when we used to go out to see live music because we were excited to see awesome live bands playing the music. I believe a live music revolution is in order!!

What's Next You Ask?

Well, even if you didn't ask, we are preparing our first live performances of our original music, which has never been played live before. Some of which has been written recently, & some of which was written over a decade ago! Stay tuned... we would love to hear your unbiased opinion!

H&K "Coreblade" Amp is Here!

Wow... I am super pleased with this amp! It is more than I expected, & I know it will push our sound to the next level on stage!! I can't wait to here it live!!! (SP)

Grindin' the Daily Axe

New Hughes & Kettner "Coreblade" amp head is on its way here. Stage Left is about to get interesting!