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C2C as of today

Hello all, its been a while since any blog type entry has been made so i guess i'll do a quick recap. The line-up. Darrell Porter on guits and vox, Dan Cuadras on guits, Rich Stone on the skins, and Keith Malloy on bass. We've had this line-up for a solid two years now and seems to be working quiet well. We moved on from having half the band live in MA and the other in CT with a practice space in the middle, to a full out band house. This past June the four of us took the plunge and moved into a house together. Now we can practice whenever we want and work on band stuff anytime...a blessing and a curse haha.I (Dan) feel like we've all grown tremendously as musicians over the past couple years. I remember our first show with this current line up was August 28th 2008 at All Stars Sports Bar and Grill, and we have to play a 3 set night....ugh. That means we had to know 40+ songs for 1 night of music..It took a lot of hard work to get to that point, but it got us tight, gave us endurance, and forced us out of our comfort zone, which help us mature. Fast forward through countless bar shows and lame venues to a point in our history where we decided to refocus ourselves. We gave up the 3 set nights and hours of covers for shows that gave spotlight to our originals. We spent less time our playing shows and more time focusing our efforts on writing, recording, and promoting. This brings us to this past summer. We moved into the band house (C2C Manor) and released our first official EP 'Right On Target'. We all worked real hard and gave it our best, so if you dont have a copy yet GET ONE!! haha, we're also available on itunes...just sayin. So now we look forward to the next phase of C2C. Time to fucking make it. We have our EP out and gas in the van, we're ready to go. So we're calling on any one that can help, we're out to make it. Come hell or high water we will make it, and take anyone that helps along for the ride!!!

-Dan C2C

C2C on Reverbnation

Hey everyone,

we're here, on reverbnation. This site is actually really cool, and is a great way to discover new music including yours truly, C2C. Check us out on this and other sites (myspace, facebook, twitter, youtube, and c2cband.com) and be sure to come see us LIVE!