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Up All Night is done

Up All Night is done and available at Itunes and just about all the other digital sites. If you want a physical copy it is at CD Baby and Off the Record in Yakima.... or just email us

New CD " Up All Night" is done

The CD is available currently at cdbaby.com and should be up on itunes within days. You can email us directly too at blackbiscuit@charter.net. We are super stoked about this!!!

Ok... its almost August

We are still working on the latest release. Its going out for some mastering this week. About time Huh? Well we have been working really hard. We are starting to post a few of the songs. Hopefully we will have things already for a complete release within the next month. Hope you like it.

Next Album almost ready

We are currently in the process of finishing our second album. We hope to get it released before May 2013. In the meantime we are posting some live versions and final versions of some of our new material that we hope you will enjoy.

September 26, 2012 at Der Hinterhof

With the fire closure of hwy 97 Leavenworth was a ghosttown. But we had a great time with the direhards who braved the drive for our show and Der Hinterhof was a cool place to play plus we got to see the Autum leaf parade the next day.

October 20, 2012

Taylor Bridge fire benefit. We had a great time staying at the Redhawk Ranch. The food and drink were awesome and it was all for a good cause.


We had a great time. The wine was great the food was great and we will definitely go back. We highly recommend this winery and their excellent fun staff.

Curly's Gleed Tavern - St. Patricks Day Party 3/17/12

Everyone really put on the green machine for this gig. Green beers flowing, rock and rolling and dancing to the wee hours with Black Biscuit followed by the Shipley Band. Second time we hit Curlys with the Shiply group and it is always a good one.

Rec Room - Yakima Feb 4, 2012

Back at the Rec Room. Thanks to Tony and our local fans who showed up for a good evening of BB rock and roll.

June 25, 2011 Yakima Sports Center

Back at the sportscenter in Yakima. This time with Chad Bault and Brokin Road. Three great local bands. We always enjoy the sportcenter. best food in town.