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3of2 the closet to Black Sabbath American metal may ever come.

3of2 a Knoxville area self described "Blues Metal" band are as mysterious as they are Heavy. This Group of dudes from the hills of Tennessee dont say much. Most of the bands releases are instrumental. As of this writeing only two of the songs available on Reverbnation, The Americonda youtube channel, or the bands Facebook page have vocals. Of these they only featute the singer by hiself and a mornful distorted guitar. The down tuned straight forward rock sound of their full band releases is probably the closest American Metal has come to the glory days of BlackSabbath, Cream, or Judas Preist ever heard. Very simple arrangements, simple driveing drums and crushing bass tastefully weaving a smokey natural mood of impending doom. Never forced. Never rushed. Clean, pure, and classic. 3of2.

subliminal country music

I grew up when country music was real. one day soon the suits will have to step out of the way and it shall reign again. I mean if you like what your hearing on cmt then I guess its all good. Tim Mcgraw singing about makeing out with a Mexican striper. Kenny Chessney singing about a bi sexual author /ex-boxer-cat lover 's whiskey and high school foot ball. well at least he wrights his own songs. I dont see Mr Faith Hill pickn a flat top around the house hummin on about a Mexican stripper. its your music people take it back.

The new American born music style

Blues metal is a completely American concept. blues song structure played with passion that has a movement to it. Not just sad all day or fake studio gangster Satan worship. This is music with soul. Swelling from meek whisperings of reinsurance building into a rage of betrayal infused psycho manic frenZy. This is the sound track that plays in your heart. its the music you would make if you werent busy trying to survive this living hell. living from one heart break to the next. if you see the next failure as the next step forward or pain as a reminder your still alive and just alive because failure is not an option then this is your music. turn off the lowest common denominator radio crap and listen to music that you can relate to.