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Online and Private Lessons

I teach all styles (including bop, modal, funk, blues, fusion, smooth jazz, Latin, and classical) and all aspects of woodwind technique – from beginner to professional.

For improvisation, I feel it’s important to get a solid foundation of chords and scales and then to build from there. While this information is being absorbed, I teach you how to improvise using a unique system of written lines and customized play-along CD’s.

For intermediate to advanced students, I stress various exercises which enable you to play improvisational techniques (chord tone soloing, bop scales, approaches notes, 3217/3517 lines and pentatonics, for example) over chord changes, with rhythmic accuracy and without getting lost. These exercises take the mystery out of improvisation by giving you concrete, logical and systematic approaches to improvising.

Learning tunes, transcribed solos, ear training, vocabulary, instrumental technique and theory are also emphasized. I have carefully developed these proven methods over many years of teaching, performing, research and study.

For further info contact me at 617-332-0176 or lessons@jeffharrington.com.