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This should show up as a blog post--if it doesn't, something might be wrong.

This is my second test.

This should show up as a blog post--if it doesn't, something might be wrong.

This is a blog post

This should show up as a blog post--if it doesn't, something might be wrong.

Bacon is yummy!

Biltong capicola venison, beef pastrami brisket pork chop pancetta jowl turkey. Leberkas bacon ribeye, pancetta boudin flank tenderloin prosciutto capicola fatback brisket shankle pastrami cow chicken. Pastrami ball tip boudin, shank chuck prosciutto t-bone cow turducken kielbasa ham hock jerky. Tail corned beef shankle, boudin ball tip jowl fatback short loin pork loin leberkas kielbasa pastrami. Short loin sirloin corned beef kielbasa, beef sausage chicken.


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Making a sick song no matter what genre it is

There are a few steps you can take to ensuring that the song you've written is top notch and high quality and appealing to all fans of that particular genre... they are as follows...

1. Don't be a lazy ass. If the percussion is off for one bar of the song, fix it. 2. Titles/lyrics FIRST. Know what the song is about before you start writing it, it really helps in terms of knowing what kinds of sounds to use and how the song will progress. 3. For God's sake, don't put a HARMONICA in your song under ANY circumstances. DON'T DO IT (I apologize Mr. Bob Dylan, God bless your soul). 4. Dynamic. Dynamic is huge, if there isn't any change in the song's progression, if the sounds are always the same and it never lets up/gets bigger, it gets boring. Mix it up a little bit, tell a story. Life is never static, and music should not be either. 5. Love must be present in some form. If it's lost love, great, if it's love of orange soda, great, if it's love of my "bling bling and pretty women all up on the dance floor..." maybe not quite so much, but you get what I'm saying. 6. Ask people if they like your song. If they say know, don't be a proud ass. Figure out why, and if they have something constructive to say, LISTEN. They are the mass media, they typically matter in terms of success. 7. Don't pay attention to the mass media. I know, this contradicts number 6, but basically I'm just saying don't sell out, stick to your roots. 8. Live a healthy life style. The way you live and act around other people will influence your creative endeavors and your art, including music. Live to your fullest potential and that will be reflected in the music that you right. 9. Alternatively, if you are the kind of person who experiences/experienced a lot of pain (like me) don't dwell on it, use it as fuel for your artwork. "Wisdom is nothing but pain that has been healed." 10. Never give up. I'll let that speak for itself, since so many people do.