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Change your thinking change the World.

I took the photo below from a post that I found on my news feed from a friend I have in Pakistan. It is of the Chaukhandi Tombs an ancient Islamic cemetery. This picture to me is beautiful. It is in the heart of the land of a people that my government tells me I should fear and hate. Yet attached to the post was a message of peace that reads STOP TERRORISM it says We All Live on the Same Planet. As I read this I realized I need to stop listening to my government and my government controlled media. I need to educate myself and encourage my fellow Americans to educate themselves about the people that created and maintain the beautiful monument in this picture. I have a hard time believing that a people capable of creating and honoring life such as this picture depicts are backwards thinking and hateful. There is a difference between anger and hate. Anger is something that a person feels it is an emotion. Hate is a way of thinking it is taught it is brought to the human consciousness through indoctrination in this case I.E. organized religion. I think that there is a lot of anger on both sides of this conflict and that the powers that be use our religious beliefs to turn the anger into hate like forging iron into steel. Turning us into weapons and against each other telling us what to think " Don't ask too many questions ". Well I have a few questions I think we should all ask ourselves. Whether a man chooses to pray to an Islamic figure or a Christian figure is he not still an man ? Think about it If you were to look at this world through their eyes what would you see ? Would you still feel the same about them ? To me this is not about who is right or wrong its about the legacy we leave for our children and their children. Will it be a sustainable future or a world at war ? And as I sit here this morning with my son Kevin Murphy getting ready to go down a road that will separate us for the next few months. I think of all the human beings on both sides of this conflict a conflict that has gone on way too long. I think about the so many lost and what it would be like to lose him or for him to lose me Unfathomable. I think about how wonderful it would be for him to have never known hate. Having never known words like bigotry, antisemitism, racism. I think about how hard it is to change but how great the rewards if we do. My son Kevin has never lived in a world without war NEVER. He was born just about 40 days before 9-11 he turned 14 yesterday. In the words of a great song " I am starting with the man in the mirror I'm asking him to change his ways ". It is time, we must educate to stop the hate. Our enemy is not each other the true enemy is ignorance. I am going to make concerted effort to look at the world through eyes of my Islamic brothers and sisters and I am going to ask my Christian brother and sisters to do the same. I am going to ask my Islamic brothers and sisters to try and see the world as my Christian brothers and sisters do. I believe all will find that we are not as far apart as the dogs of war and our government and government controlled medias would like us to believe. And one more thing to remember is this. At no time in history did a weapon ever stop a war or a war ever bring peace. Change your thinking change the world. Thanks for reading this

The New Line up

I am very excited to announce the new line up for RailHead. I have been looking for the right guys to share the stage with me to create that sound I have been looking for and I think I found them let me introduce the first full band line up of RailHead. On lead guitar and Banjo is a 19 year old kid from SWFL. that goes by the name of Matt Benfield. Matt is new to the music scene but what he lacks in experience he makes up for in talent Matt is easily one of the most talented young musicians around and I am very proud to have him in the band. The next new member is Jeff James he is also from SWFL. and one of the most colorful bass players I have ever heard and with his impressive resume he was an obvious choice. I first met Jeff when former memeber Jared Tindall left the band for personal reasons. Jeff fell right into sync with us like he had been playing with us for years. Jeffery James AKA Jeffery Remarkable helped me find the final addition to the line up Chris Burney who is the one of the best drummers I have heard and with his extensive experience he has the ability to lock in with Jeff and give me that great country style groove that I been looking for Look for us in the coming months on here on You Tube and like us on Face Book at https://www.facebook.com/RailHeadMusic . We also have a new website under construction you can go to and find where we are playing so you can come see what I am talking about look for us at railheadmurphy.com . Now we still have the always awesome Denny Scott on Lead guitar and flute as well as any other instrument he may feel like playing LOL and my good friend and always honorary member Moe Pereira big things are coming stick around see ya soon

Paul and I

I just wanna say quick word about my good friend and new manager Paul L. Marshall. Paul and I have been working on my music together this year and it is sounding very very cool so far I hope when you get a chance you can listen and like what I have done Paul has been very easy to work with and very supportive and helpful in so many ways if you get a chance to work with Paul you should

Patrick Murphy
Patrick Murphy  (almost 5 years ago)

Patrick- You rock brotha- and the music you write definitely has connected with me... here's to the future!


Making Changes

I have had a interesting week to say the least gigs going great at least one would think so but then everything changes. I am back to managing myself now and am looking forward to working on the beach finally stay tuned for more info on that I am also looking forward to playing the Surf and Song Fest this is not only a great cause but is probably the biggest event I have ever been a part of with an exspected 30K plus people I am soo excited I hope that you can make it

Surf and Song "What a Great Cause"

This year I have been very fortunate to have been asked to be a part of Surf and Song Fest in Downtown Ft Myers this March 30th and 31st I have been involved in charities before but never have I worked with such a dedicated and all around fun group of people I think probably because they are my peeps this is an organization that was built from the ground up be musicians and now in its 5th or 6th year (I’m not sure which LOL) is posed to become the largest event held in Ft Myers. The Surf and Song is already the largest charity event held in Florida and the cause it serves is very important. S&S helps raise money for children with Autism through out SWFL and is a major contributor to the Navigate Autism Program at Lee County Memorial Children’s Hospital this program helps the parents of children with Autism learn about and take advantage of the various services available to them this helps them to cope with this incredibly difficult condition. This has become something very dear to me and I am sooooo proud to be a part of this look for more blogs about this as we get closer to the festival and I hope that you can join the cause and help us push it over the TOP this year Peace Love and all that…….

It s been a while RailheaD's

Its been a while RailheaD's how you been me I have been great just got to work on the first release for 2012 I think it is gonna be great Paul L. Marshall is the SH$% we did more in 2 and a half hours than I ever did any where else I would look for the release sometime around the first of FEB. the gig scene is exploding this week you can catch me pretty much all over SWFL just check the schedule on my RN. page for details I am having a great time and this year is off to an awesome start. Stay tuned for all the latest news from RailheaD Nation Peace Love and all that Patrick

We wish you a Merry Chirstmas

Hey there RailheaD's tis the season I hope that everyone is having a great holiday I know that I am. This is the first Christmas that I have had with my kids in a few years it is almost like I have finally made it to the promise land. I thank GOD for all that good this that have happened to me and the Band this year and I can't wait to see what's in store for 2012 this year has been awesome stay tuned for many exciting things from RailheaD’s. This first official release from Patrick Murphy and RailheaD will be out late January 2012 and we are Excited to be working with Paul Marshal and his studio on this, so look for it on iTunes, Reverb, as well as our Website that will be up and running by the Jan. 1st So have yourself a Merry little Christmas and remember the reason for the season to you and yours from mine and ours MERRY CHRISTMAS, PEACE LOVE AND ALL THAT GOOD STUFF……Patrick

Sunday Dec 11 2011 Suf and Song Fest.

Hey there RailheaD's just wanted to share some news that Patrick is very excited about!!!! Recently Patrick has been working very close with a wonderful charity known as the Surf and Song Festival this is a charity based out of SWFL. The Surf and Song works to raise funds to support Navigate Autism. The mission of Navigate Autism is to help the parents of children with Autism to learn how to cope with having Autism as well as just like the name says Navigate the many services that are available to them. Autism has a devastating effect not only on the life the child that suffers from it but also on everyone around that child. Once Patrick learned about this charity he was very very eager to get involved and today we are proud to announce that Patrick is taking an active role with the Surf and Song Festival as the new Director of Social Media for the foundation this is a mission that is at the fore front of the cause and is a vital to the success of this years goals. To learn more about the Surf and Song Festival please take the time and visit the website at http://www.surfandsongfestival.com/ this is a great cause so please help us change the worlds of so many by helping us make this a very successful year through power of Song.

Paul Marshal is on the Rail.........

Hey there RailheaD's we have very very exciting news from SWFL. Paul Marshal has agreed to produce Patrick Murphy and RailheaD!!! Pat and the guys are very excited about this because Paul is a very accomplished musician/engineer/producer from Cape Coral FL that has worked with major acts from all over the country and is highly sought after for the production value he brings. This promises to be extra ordinary in every way. You can check out Paul in the Fall Issue of Southwest Florida Spot as well as on Facebook so go check it out. Look for the first release for Patrick Murphy and RailheaD with producer Paul Marshal sometime in mid January 2012

While we were out

I am sorry Railheads we have been very very busy playing here in SWFL alot in the last two weeks but we have a little Break this week so I am back to update you on our totally awsome Christmas New Year Plans sooooo stay tuned for more inf in the next few day on where you can catch me Patrick Murphy and RailheaD this month