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So, here's where I go blah-blog, to explain my musical actions this last few months... There's so many ways to create music nowadays.... you certainly don't need to learn an instrument anymore... the COMPUTER 'DAWS' are the 'Instruments of Choice' in todays production environment; I would REALLY LIKE TO HEAR some opinions on this subject... there so many new areas... "Digital Rights', 'Creative Commons', and DJ'ing other folks tracks, 're-interpreting' their original recordings into something new every time... Makes for great music and sound quality..... but is there 'buts??' Verbalise, eh... I want to know... Should I write and record Songs, or produce Music?? there isn't enough time in the day to keep up with tech production, practising your instruments, AND writing songs... I wish there was ;-) I haven't been much of a blogger; but I HAVE been busy... I read my last blah-blog entry on NYE, look back over the last 8 months, and much progress has been made. As of late, you may have noticed, I have been reviving old 4 track tape masters and putting them up on my pages... as an unsigned songwriter, it's not so much about the quality of the production, more about whether the songs actually 'work', and getting my ideas out there. My songs, I hope, generate a 'feeling', or 'sentiment'... maybe they just sound mental... I won't know unless I get feedback from folk like YOU ;-)~ Been learning a LOT about Ableton, but still no APC 40, so doing it one mouse-click at a time... frustrating; one of those babies, and toons would come flying out of me... a fussy muso needs knobs... it's hard to 'sweep' in 'increments'... so am trying to take care of the pennies so the $$$ will look after themselves. Reverb Nation is a platform for unsigned musos to 'display their potential', and success should be measured in 'opportunities'... asides from hoping that some of my work {for that is what it is...} pleases, of course, and I hope that by 'blogging' and posting, fresh opportunities may arise for me... So, if you haven't already, check out some different songs posted here... Love and Light to All.... Lex Freptic

working with Inspiration

Here I am, writing 'Blog' for the first time. I suppose Blog is what Lex Freptic is up to/thinking/doing atm... Lex has a new lease in life; a second chance if you like, after a 10 year hiatus from the Industry due to 'Personal Problems', causing serious permenant disability to self in the process. Armed with a Roland Juno G Workstation, and distant memories of parameter and value settings in a keyboard workstation environment, has discovered that Technology has reached the exponential point in time where in one keyboard resides the equivalent of over half a dozen external hardware devices, with an LCD Display which has more functions than Logic notator had via the old fave, the Atari ST1040. So, Inspired Lex is working through all the Juno G has to offer in multi-tracking PLUS 4 trax of Audio {Sooo Cool..}and is going to keep putting up 'Toons" as he goes. Lex also has re-mastered several old 4 track recordings that are rather credible, and is wondering whether to put them up here, or archive them. Some have serious emotional statements, and unlike Lex at present, these were serious works of art, with Lex's vox and harmonies. I shall continue to ponder... Luv Luv, from Lex