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Check out the "Wayne Van Stanley's Rexartrefkinland Blog" at www.blogger.com, or blogspot.com. Keep up with gigs past and upcoming, besides getting to know the personal side of the band, Rexartrefkin.

Rexartrefkin movin' on:)

Adding new songs to our set list and mixing our new ep is on our agenda. Very special thanks to Julie at "The Pegasus Lounge" in Tampa for a great time.-ROCK ON The boys of the Rexartrefkinland

Rexartrefkin at Pagasus Lounge

We've just Rocked at Mojo's in Lakeland and we are ready to Rock the Pagasus Lounge in Tampa, Florida. Join us on Friday the 29th 0f April starting at 9PM The boys from the Rexartrefkinland

live performance

Rexartrefkin will be performing at the “Kalus cd Release Party” at MOJO'S in Lakeland, Fl. On April 23rd at 9:00PM. For Rexartrefkin fans the normal admission will be $5.00. We'll have cd's and T shirts for sale. Hope to see you there:)

Rexartrefkin EP

It's here! The new Rexartrefkin EP is available. Right now, you can buy it on our Reverb Nation web page. Come on by and "get U some". 8-)

Thank you!

We, Rexartrefkin, just wanted to say "Thank You!" to all our fans and contacts. We appreciate your friendship and interest. We are continually moving forward. The EP is coming along nicely. We look forward to presenting it to you soon. Keep rockin'! Wayne Van Stanley

The 1st EP for Rexartrefkin

We have the disc sent off to be mastered, copies made and our first run delivered to us soon. Exciting times! Hope you're excited,too.

the schizoid band rocks the 21st century

Bring your listening ears to our player,but tread lightly, and give us your feedback. If you will!