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A New Approach...

My how times have changed.. Gigs will be far and few...recording will be until we can't stand each other again ;-)... The pure love of music and the music family keeps us going... We're always writing and now we'll always be recording and sharing... Keep Rocking!!

Winter Recording... Starting Whiskey Bent Winter Home Tour

What do we do in the winter in NE.. Besides finding outdoor heated Swedish bath houses.. We make music & record our sophomore CD. Since we will be recording most of the winter we decided to limit the gigs if not completely cancel all of them. So, we thought it would be fun if we invaded our friends and fans houses for a Whiskey Bent off the cuff acoustic Jam.. Do you want these nuts in your house for evening, maybe not but if you do please visit http://www.whickeybentrock.com for details!! Chestnuts roasting by the open fire... Rips Down stripped down off the wire... We'd love to come to your place!

Road Trip NY

We just go back from the Indie Fest in NY and we had an absolute great time. First road trip as a band and we really ripped it up and became closer. Music is a reflection of emotions and experience and we just added a little more to the mix.. Cheers!

What is the Meaning of This?!

A lot of people ask musicians questions about the material they write? What do the lyrics mean? Is it about me? (That's usually what every girl I have ever known asks.) I thought I'd break the EP down for you. Three songs, three mindsets, three explanations.

Narragansett Nights

It kind of speaks for itself. The influence was my new found love for your Grandfathers brew, now reworked, re-imagined and returned as NOT your grandfathers brew. "Hi Neighbor" is not just a pleasant 'howdoyado but code for "let's get the party started." And that's what Narragansett nights does. It leaves the day being and promises a night of good times, good friends and good cheer.

Rips Down

Have you ever been in a relationship that is clearly not good for you? You give all you can and in return you just get stepped on... one stiletto heal at a time. This is your story. This is your battle cry.

Freak Like Me

Guess what? He/she is in every one of us. The little freak inside your head. Don't fight it, embrace it. Don't hate it, make love to it. Don't feel shame, feel alive! The groove was dirty from the start so what came out on the pen flowed like liquid dirt.