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Coming Soon from LCB!!!

NEW VIDEOS- See our official music videos and all of our new tour videos as we release them at www.youtube.com/lydiacantbreathe

APRIL FOOL'S TOUR- from March 30-April 28 in FL, GA, SC, NC, VA, NY, MA, IN, TN, AK, TX and more TBA. For booking inquires email us at lydiacantbreathe@yahoo.com. See tour dates, get merchandise and find links for all of our social networks at www.lydiacantbreate.com

NEW ALBUM- We will be releasing new music along with a music video from our upcoming studio album to be released later this year. We have recorded 2 songs from the new album so far with plenty more writing and recording on the way. We are taking suggestions for an album title if you have 'em.

IMPORTANT REMINDER- Don't get caught scissor kicking midget hookers in fat suits.

Thanks to all the friends, family and fans, Spinnit Records and crew, Steph Sanchez and Truth By Blood Booking and everyone else that helps and supports what we do. We have some good stuff coming up for ya!!!