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Busy Bee

I know, I know, I should be focusing all my "free time" on preparing to kick butt on my finals, but let's face it, I'm an Aquarius, and I just can't help but work on five things at once. With that said, I am stoked to announce that I, MoE, now have a website, blog, twitter account, CDBaby music page, AND an Android phone app for my music! WHAAAAAAT?! (Busy is an understatement). When I started fiddling with the guitar at the age of 15, I had no intentions or inkling that I would be writing you all a blog to share my music in so many ways. And while I have worked hard to get here, I would never have had the courage to start without all your love and support. There are a million thank you's to extend, but for now, here are the ones that come to the forefront of my mind. Thank you for the genetic gifts of pitch, tone, and OHD (Obsessive Harmonic Disorder). Thank you for sharing your loves of blues, country, folk, jazz, and every other music genere. Thank you for making song a regular part of my childhood. Thank you for being the best singing sisters in the world, and for naturally fitting in a three-part harmony with me. Weird how that worked out. Thank you for tricking me into thinking I got a bean bag (one we already had) instead of a guitar at that Christmas 15-years-ago, and then it WAS a sweet shallow body Ovation! Thank you for those early threats of bodily harm if I didn't sing at that Starbucks for the first time. Thank you for clapping and singing along, even when I was "going through a phase". Thank you for your continual support and nudging toward bigger and more exciting opportunities. Thank you for having me at your venue for the very first time, and every wonderful time after that! Thank you for coming into my life with your fantastic personality, and encouraging me to step beyond my music comfort zone. YOU CRAZY LADY! :) Thank you for suggesting I make an EP, and then making it happen. Thank you for your patience and understanding when I forget to do anything else. Thank you for your random comment that I should release an album. Thank you for taking the time to know me and my music, and the skills you brought in making those shine in my album. (Thank you for that amazing recording experience). Thank you for coming to the album release (and every show prior) and cheering the crap out of my music. GAWRSH! Thank you for advice, suggestions, critiques, and expertise. I am the grasshopper to your melodic Sensei. And Thank you for taking the time to read this long-winded blog, and for showing an interest in my songs. THANK YOU! (p.s. I'M COMING FOR YOU FINALS!) ------------------------------------------------------------------------ website - http://www.melodicmoe.com/ blog - http://melodicmoe.wordpress.com/ twitter - http://twitter.com/#!/melodicMoE CDBaby - http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/moe10 Phone App - http://www.reverbnation.com/mobile-app/92037/moea [less]


It took me long enough, but I've finally decided to go ahead and produce an album on my own. Well, not entirely on my own. I have the amazingly talented Ali Cushing creating the art work for it, and other wonderful musicians collaborating with me on some songs. After compiling together all the songs I've made, I end up with two albums worth. So, I'll be producing a double feature album. "LifeLines" & "SPONTANEOUScreativeCOMBUSTION". It'll probably be a while until this is finished (school, work, adorable nephews that HAVE to be played with), but at least it's happening.

Thank you to all my friends and family for supporting me and my music! These songs are for you!

Studio Time

I'm too excited to sleep! My down stairs neighbor, (who just happens to be the talented Zael Zura), invited me to go with him to the recording studio Monday night. YES! I've been waiting for this to happen. I have a great microphone and a simple recording program on my computer, and they are good enough for what I'm doing. However, the chance to pro record my tunes can't be passed up.

Furthermore, I'm mulling over ideas for my first music video. My good friend Paul Turcott has offered his amazing talents behind the camera. I'll post more as this project progresses. WOOHOO!!!!

"May It Be"

Another night of awesome song writing. This time, with my friend Courtenay Cwell of the band "Summer of Persimmons". We've been working off-and-on this song for almost half a year, (work work work, school, school, school, yada, yada, yada). Now it's completed and OH SO GOOD!

Courtenay has a style of singing and a way with melodies that delights me to no end. I was thrown at first when we started jamming together. "No way that amazing voice is coming out of this girls mouth"! But indeed it was, and I later learned that she can rock the djembe and piano to boot.

Here's to more nights spent wrapped up in the melodic bliss of music sessions at Court's place.

The Ball's A-Rollin'

Things are moving kind of fast at the moment. I've put up quite a few of my earlier songs (oldies, but goodies), and some newer songs. I have more songs to sift through, edit, and put up, but I'm so darn distracted by new ideas and the itch to just play all day long. :D

In the Beginning...

God said, "Let there be music"...to which MoE replied, "HELL YEAH BIG GUY!" Thus, the start of my first web page for the music I love playing so very much.

I've been playing the Git-Fiddle since 15, and have a wide collection of songs, tunes, and little ditties that have only been listened to a few times by anyone other than myself. That's how I've liked it. My music, made by me for me. However, from the risk of a good throttling from friends, I'm ready to put my stuff out there for all to hear. I'll admit to some nervousness about this, but in truth, nothing can change what I play, how I play it, and why.