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Upcoming t.v. and radio shows!

WBRE/WYOU—PA Live! Friday, July 18th @ 4pm The River 97.3 Michael Anthony Smith’s Open Mike Night Sunday, July 20th @ 10pm. WQKX 94.1 Drew & the Crew on Monday, July 21st @ 7:30am. WQSU’s Homemade Jam, Sunday, July 27th @ 2pm

Dancers, rappers, journalists, and kiddos. Welcome to Jersey City..

Hey everyone! It's good to be back on here.... I feel like I've been silent for a while, I guess I sort of disappeared, but it's probably because I've just been so busy!!! I just moved into an apartment in Jersey City on June 16th... and started work at Garden Street School of the Performing Arts the same day!! Craziness. Seriously. I've been playing for little kids parties here at the school on weekends... you know, songs like Wheels on the Bus, and the ABCs... Not exactly my usual set list, but hey, it's what the little kiddos like. Haha. I work 7 days a week here at school... On weekdays I'm the girl who answers the phone and takes all the messages.... only last week and this week, they've had summer camp, where they do ballet and tap and music and yoga and lots of other fun things, so I keep an eye on 12 kids ages 3 to 7. It's actually pretty entertaining. The kids have become really attached to me, so they all sit on my lap, and tell me their favorite things, and the good part about them liking me is that they help me out, and listen most of the time. So yeah, I've been insanely busy.... gotta pay the rent! Haha. Everyone here is so nice and helpful though, I'm so glad Dan and Annie hired me :) Luckily, I have lots of time in the evening, so I've been able to check out the area. There are a lot of cute shops in my neighborhood, and tasty restaurants, and there are a lot of super nice parks. AND for only 2 dollars, I can take a train right into Manhattan, which is awesome. I've only been into the city twice so far since I've been here, I played at The Bitter End on the 18th. We opened for The Oz Noy Trio... SUCH an honor. I got to hang out with Will Lee, and get some pictures and he and I swapped CDs. He's such a nice guy, and a sick bass player. And Oz is sooo incredible. His guitar playing completely blew my mind. Aton Fig was killer on the drums too. His drum solos were insane. I also went to see my friend J. Scar perform last week. He's an awesome rapper. And so so so nice. I'm going back into the city this Wednesday for a Women In Music songwriter showcase event, and then again on Friday to see J rap in front of the Apple Store. The New York Times is going to be covering his show. It'll be super cool. On July 5th, I'll be performing with my band at Aroma Expresso Bar at 8pm, at 161 W. 72nd Street, on the Upper West Side. And then, on July 9th, I'm going to be interviewed by the Advanced Journalism class at Brooklyn community college. I'll also be performing for them, so I'm really excited about that. Their teacher, Patrick, interviewed me for Reviewfix.com before, and it was one of my all time favorite interviews.

So overall, I'm keeping super busy. Right now, I'm sitting in the office at Garden Street with one of their ballet teachers, Kate, watching Louise teach 2 to 3 year olds ballet. SO CUTE!

Thank you so much to everyone who actually read this entire thing. You guys are really nice. And so supportive. And I wouldn't be here in the city, doing what I'm doing, if it weren't for all of you. So, until next time, have a wonderful Tuesday :) I love all of you!


Cool nails, rockin' hair, celebrities, meetings, jazz... & something beautiful.

Okay, so I've really been slacking on this whole blogging thing! I've been wanting to keep you guys in the loop, but we've just been CRAZY busy!!!!! Let's see let's see.... I'll start with Tuesday..... we spent a majority of the day in Hoboken. Cindy took me out for my first pedicure. My toe nails are this insanely cool neon pink color. We ended up taking a really nice walk by the water, and went to dinner at an Italian restaurant with her family. We had the greatest chicken parmesan everrrrrrrrr. It was fantastic.

On Wednesday, we headed into the city for my co-write session at the Gibson Guitar showroom with Brock Berryhill, who is visiting NYC from Florida. I was totally freaking out on the way there... I've never done any co-writes before, especially not with an established producer, so naturally I was a bit nervous. But when I got there, Brock was super cool and really nice and we clicked right away! We ended up having a blast and writing half of the most kick-butt song called Something Beautiful. I can't waaaaait until we finish it. You guys are going to love it. It's been in stuck in my head since we wrote it on Wednesday :) When we went to look of our car afterwards, we quickly realized we had been towed!!! We were like "Ahhhhh! This is BAD!!!" We gathered all our things, and rushed down to the lot where they took all the vehicles. While we waited for things to get sorted out.... Cindy leaned over to me and said "Look at that woman over there.... doesn't she look familiar???" We soon realized it was Kristen Johnston from 3rd Rock From The Sun!!! We were geeking out, and took a little video of her trying to take car of her car situation. As we sat there, we started to notice more celebrities..... next we saw that Vincent Pastore from the Sopranos had also been towed, as well as Giancarlo Esposito from Last Holiday. Luckily, we got to talk to Vincent and Giancarlo a little bit and took pictures with them! SO COOL!!!!!! After that, we rushed over to Hoboken, where we visited Caru Salon for my hair appointment. Every there was so cool! I got the most wonderful massage, and their stylist Curtis hooked me up with a killer new do!!! We took Cindy's son Patrick with us to get a hair cut too. Curtis did a rocking' job on his hair. One of the best parts though was their coffee. OMG. I'm such a coffee addict. They also had lollipops... which I had, uh, a few of... hehe. I love my sweets! Haha!

Thursday, went SUPER WELL too! We had a ton of meetings in NYC. Our first stop was Warner/Chapel publishing. We met with the woman who signed John Mayer. It went SO well! We've already been invited back. YAY! :) After that, we had two other meeting with attorneys (who shall remain nameless.... mainly because Cindy isn't home right now, and I can't ask her if I can include names for any of these people, haha) Those meetings ALSO went super well. I feel like I'm overusing the phrase "It went super well..." But seriously, everything HAS been going super well! I can't believe it!!!! But ANYWAY, continuing on with my recap of the past few days, we were given the opportunity to go to the Jazz Standard to see Raul Midon perform with Grégoire Maret and his band. They were INCREDIBLE! I can't even begin to describe how amazing they were. And hehe, we had mores tacos. It's been so funny the past few days, because everywhere we go, we end up getting mexican food. But we can't help it, It's so yummy.

So yes, now I realize that it's Sunday, and it's taken me this long to even write about tuesday - thursday, but I will get to Friday and Saturday, I promise.... because those two days were extremely fun too. But now, I think I'm going to go have breakfast..... because we're having pancakes, and that sounds really good. Hehe.

But ANYWAAAAAY, I love all of you so much, and if you took the time to read all the way through this, you're AWESOME.

love always, m

words words words

“As a songwriter, I draw inspiration from many different types of music. My influences tend to range from John Mayer, to Keith Urban, to Fiona Apple, to Eric Clapton, to Radiohead, and even to Green Day; the list could go on forever! I find that I’m constantly writing, just as life is constantly happening. All my life experiences are put to music; whether it’s the discovery of new love, or the loss of a friendship, I put all of my emotion into writing songs about those events in my life. People sometimes ask me if the things I write about are real because I’m so young, and they find it to be baffling that I write about love the way that I do. It’s all true; I couldn’t lie about the things that have happened to me. If I made up stories, the songs wouldn’t have real emotion. They wouldn’t be real to me. A large majority of my songs are guitar based, primarily because of the fact that I’m a guitar player first. I’m more often recognized as a guitar player that happens to be able to sing and write music. And honestly, that’s the way I see it, too. I think that my music is sort of a window into my life, or into my head. If you want to know me for who I really am, just listen.” -Michi