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Eternal Thought's

like the angels desending from the heavens the beauty in darkness the vile in wreatchidness of the holy lost in this shadow throne this empire of echos the search for serinity the conquest for chaos like the hord of the damned in this desolite kingdom of frost i dwell in my own rapture waiting for my depature of shadows locked in flesh bound by the unknowing lost in the shadowthrone my empire of shit like an angel lost in darkness bound by frozen chains of icehold in the throne of echos whithin these wall lie countless screams unheard by the def within this ground lie the countless dead unseen by the blind bound by the unknown in the frozen chains of time with the beauty of darkness the vile wreatched holy like the angels never will desend from the heavens

Of the flesh

stumble down ripped and blazed suddenly the world is glazed everything crashes around u spirealing death candle mealted faces in the wind constantly say you must eat your flesh for it is my flesh carve it away so i eat myself mind is blown away

Echos's of the damned

lost in this frozen kingdom no where to run time to die or fight evil spirits roam these forsaken woods carrying the echos of the damned trollish figures lurk in this abyssic realm fear not have faith in the hammer hail to the mighty raven of this abyssic realm lost in this ice hold bound by fire and glory carrying out the echos of the damned

Misanthropic Nightmare

nto an unknown abyss darkness is over wellming apocalyptic visions now manifest lost in oblivion ov hell i see hatered for man killing this species of filth and lies into the cryptic thoughts of impureity fill the air stenchis so foul black rose on your tombstone into the unknown abyssic life eternal rest crumbling with chaos lost in this oblivion nothing left but cryptic thoughts of impureity and hate sworm black rose on your tombstone......