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"just something to think about" pt.1

juss sittin here thinking to myself writing and shit trying to maintain originality and sanity..man this shit nerve reckin tryna stick to yo own style and shit alot of niggas in the game as much as i love alot of these niggas music i try hard not to listen to it not on no hatin shit or nothing like that juss in order to build my own lane you know separate myself from everybody else remain poppin and or relevant without switching up my steelo cha dig, also understand alot of these other rappers are influential but when you listen to a nigga so much you'll find yourself sounding like them. so instead of beatin some nipsey or wiz all day i'm posted either working on a beat or writing accapella to perfect my craft, freestyle to yourself every now and then get ya bars and ya swagg up, i done been home alone practicing ma stage presence in front of furniture and shit lol crazy as it sounds man thts whats gone get you there...hard work dedication & that crazy go for it attitude..cuhz you could be the hardest most talented individual in the world but if you aint got no drive niggah...what good is a car in park, logically sitting on yo ass & being the shit go hand and hand but nigga you want to be the man/woman you gone have to get up off yo ass & get it #realshit but yeah man to all or any who read this man gimme some feed back r sumthn dnt be skerrd lol talk to me i talk back-H$R

"Just some shit I had ta say" pt.1

Why is it that all these talented figures in the hip hop industry recall their hard times getting their foot in the door as an up & coming artist, but yet go out of their way to overlook or disregard the next man..or woman wishing for the same wealth and complacent lifestyle. Then they go on cameras and interviews & layout the same tired "I had to struggle" story like no ones heard it before, It really wouldn't hurt to just play our mixtape while your getting chauffeured to your little meeting. We all know the industry's not just fun and games we would have to work just as hard as we did to get in to maintain our status. What is it do you just see a person who's not in a tailored suit or a six figure car & forget everyone's not rich...pardon my french but shit I want to get money too!! If I was well-off I wouldn't need you in the first place..& another thing if you do decide to sign someone or vouch for them, quit putting niggas on that aint going nowhere! "Just some shit I had ta say"-H$R

Young Valley
Young Valley  (over 6 years ago)

Now we understand the phrase the game aint what you think it is.