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College Life..Babysitter Life..Music Life

College, Babysitting, Music

These have been my main 3 areas of focus for months now. It's very tiring and stressful. Very time consuming. Sometimes I don't sleep. Right about now I'm taking a short break from finishing an assignment for my "Intro to Digital Cinematography" course. I'm that rapper/producer who's tryna do it ALL. Fareal. I just got the front cover pic for my upcoming beat tape 'Comic Books & Hot Sauce'. Check out my profile pic to see it. I'm thinking I'll release it....Early September. Gotta stack some money to do effective online AND street promotion.

There's still a lot of people sleeping on me right now, but I'm not stressin over it..It's just somethin else to get past so I'm steppin over it. I can't wait to see what's going to happen in my career within the next year. For all those rockin with me..I thank you..For all the new fans..Thank you. Stay tuned.

-Smokey J

No Sleep, No Quitting, No Excuses

I've been a bit quiet this past week, but I assure you I'm on top of things. Working harder than ever. Got 500 business cards made. Got some shows coming up that I'll be attending or performing at so there is plenty of networking to be done soon. I'm wondering how many of you are ready for my next beat tape? This one won't be free, but I'm only going to charge $5 for it. The profit I make from this tape will be going towards future projects as well as a charity of my choice through ReverbNation. Stay tuned everyone. Until then check out my new facebook page, like it and share please. If I reach at least 100 by the end of the week I will leak a beat from CB&HS! Yup, still not letting ya'll in on the title for the beat tape yet lol Help me help you obtain some new music, gimme some motivation :)


I know you're wondering what CB&HS is..it's the abbreviated name for my next beat tape. If ya'll can help me get 200 likes on my facebook page by the end of next week I'll leak a beat, and reveal the full name of this project. This is going to be completely different from my horror film based "Noises In My Head". Plus, I'll have some never heard before throw back beats on there as bonus tracks. Show me some love/support. Let me know I'm on the right path.



Yours Truly,


June Update

Alright my people here's the skinny benny..

I'm planning on releasing another beat tape before I finish/drop "Smokey's Sanitarium". Be expecting a lot from me this year, cuz I plan on bringing ya'll what you deserve. GOOD MUSIC. Fuck that. GREAT MUSIC. I'll keep you updated on the next beat tape. This one will be more of what I usually do with my beats instead of the experimental approach I took on "Noises In My Head". Also, I want to thank all of my listeners for being so damn awesome. I'm #3 on the Reverb charts now. I'ma take it to #1 for my city, then the country, then the globe. You ready??


2:00 Too Early

I have to wake up and be ready to go run errands at 7 am, but I'm up networking and working on music. Good thing running errands is all I have to do tomorrow. Well while we're here, if you haven't already..check this out..


Also look these guys up..They're on here on Reverb. www.reverbnation.com/theprophits

Over and Out



This past year has been very hectic. However, I've been working super hard. Last summer I finally sold a beat for the first time. Yes, after 10+ years of producing. That's thanks to The Prophits 16. Some very down to earth rappers from my hometown. They used it for their first official single "I Know It" Feat Cynikal 3000 which will be released, along with the video soon! I've released my first beat tape "Noises In My Head", and now I'm working on my new mixtape(was supposed to be Blue Dreamz but has been renamed) "Smokey's Sanitarium". Stay with me ya'll..this next year and a half looks very promising for me. Thank you for all the support, I will keep posting blogs more frequently :)


The Grind(Random Tangent)

These past few months have been crazy for me. Between workin a day job, workin on this music, tryin to promote, tryin to book shows, dealin with life at home...BUT..The grind NEVER stops..What don't kill you makes you stronger. You have 2 choices in life..Be lazy and allow yourself to fail. Make excuses or blame others for your faults..OR..you can be responsible. Don't pacify your hazardous habits, and when you have no one to lend you a hand..get up and GET IT YOURSELF. I don't have an answer for everything in the world, I'm not "The All Knowing". I'm only about to be 22 this year, I got plenty room to grow. I've got so much more to learn, so much more to experience. However, I can say this..I've learned enough so far in life to know that nothing is handed to you. I've also learned that the older I get, the more I see the selfishness of others. I see the greed, I see the constant cry for attention. You rarely ever see humble people walking this earth anymore. Music is getting dumber by the minute and Hip Hop itself is full of egotistical, insipid minded men/women. I stay in the Mid-West and I must say..for Hip Hop..This is truly Haterville. You get no love..at shows..from fans..from other artists..nothing. I could understand if someone is just complete trash but damn. You only come across a few people that don't mind workin with artists outside of their "circle". When you go to shows, everybody gets on stage, does their set...then leaves. Me and my label always stay at least until the next 2 or 3 artists go up. On top of that, we usually some of the first to arrive. Maybe it's like that everywhere, but if that's the case..I just don't know where we as a culture, genre or people are headed. Got a little off topic, but ay..oh well lol I'm on some high shit..mind wanderin like a lost child..OAN..I'm still workin on my 2nd mixtape Blue Dreamz. I hate to have ya'll waitin so long, but due to the everyday lives of myself and some of my features, things have to wait just a little longer. On the bright side, I do have everything done, just waitin some final things to get done. I'm also workin on my beat tape series "Nightmare On Beat Street". Vol. 1 is in the works now. Also don't forget me and the Loud Noises fam will be opening up for Potluck at The Rave in Milwaukee on June 16th! You already know...stay tuned..