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The week ahead!

Just wanted to wish ya'll a very happy Thanksgiving, enjoying family, friends, and food, and the day after Harvey and I will be performing at The Lucky Stone Pub in old town Temecula from 4:40 - 7:30, and then on Saturday I'll be out at Robert Renzoni Winery from 1-4pm. Gobble Gobble!!

This coming weekend

Howdy everybody! I dont post here often but just thought I'd give you a quick update on what I'm doing this weekend, tomorrow night I'll be performing in Murriet at THE MILL restaurant with Harvey Freedman, out on the patio, and then on Saturday from 6:30 until 10:30 solo in the lounge at The Gambling Cowboy in old town Temecula. Hope you can make it by!

I'm hip!

Finally got an "app" for mobile phones done!! Wooohooo! Now all my friends can check out where I'm playing right from your appendage at the end of your arm there! Hope to see ya soon! Lotsa fun gigs comin your way this month - check em out!