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Hey #Destinators!!

Chesi here.. just wanted to let you guys know that NEW MUSIC is on the way!! and my next single is dropping in #2013 which is HOPE,FAITH BELIEVE, make sure to support me on that.

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Thanks 3

Dear Fans

Thanks to ALL the support I have from you =) Means A Lot... now I am taking my vocals to the next level and geting proper Vocal Training...so its a WHOLE LOT better, I am going to pause some shows, and work hard with the band-and get nice clear tracks.



Dear fans =) CHESI here, just wanted to update on ALL the places you can find me and contact me =) FANMAIL: therealchesi@hotmail.com BOOKING/QUESTIONS: anirudh_vineet@hotmail.com FACEBOOK PERSONAL: Chasidy May FACEBOOK BAND- CHESI 2 on the list. YOUTUBE-Chesigurl TWITTER-chesimusic ArkMusic FACTORY: www.arkmusicfactory.com/chesi Ourstage Artists- Chesi Thanks, CHESI

Growing up

Hey all you fans =) CHESI here, I just wanted to write a lil' something for you all... I called this blog " GROWING UP" because, these past weeks.. I felt a lot of pressure, and realized that growing up isn't always easy as we think as teens.. I mean ya I'm 19, but still have a lot to learn... I realized that recently, and went through some shit the past few weeks.. but I came to realize.. if you just trust GOD- he really does pull through!! So what I'm saying is don't rush into things like I almost did. Ya, I know as teens we want to be on our own, and ditch our parents, and just feel that freedom. But its like...when your on your own its like... who is going to cook dinner? the laundry?.. a butt load of things. So, I found out even that I have enough money for my own appartment and all that... its best to chill with your parents until your ready to settle down with the person your going to marry. So now... its really the bestt thing to SAVE!! That way when you get married.. you can enjoy life, and share it with someone that you love. I hope that makes sense!! So ya.. even though I'm 19 and make cash... I'm gonna save... and ya.. next year you'll see me driving my ferrari to church... ( anything is posible ;) ) -CHESI


Hey, all you guys out there!! =) how you all doing? Firstly, I just wanted to thank you ALL for supporting me and for becomming a fan of mine. It does bless me, and has pushed me to do more!! =) 3 I am writing this blog, even though we are in the Holiday season, and Christmas is just arround the corner. Let us NOT forget what REALLY took place on CHRISTMAS!! Lets not get hooked on what to buy, or how many gifts we get... but lets look at the route-the meaning of CHRISTMAS!! I wish you ALL a very MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! Love, CHESI


Chesi here and I just waned to thank my fans for all the support and the love that you have shown. and how you supported me!! YOU ARE THE BEST FANS EVER!! N thanks for promoting my songs =) It truley blesses me!! Now, m buddy JB has a NEW book out- Ya'll should read it and get inspired!! Much Love, CHESI xoxoxoxxoxoxoxox


Trenton here, on behalf of CHESI!! The new rising star in the U.A.E.!! Chesi is currently working on a lot of different projects, and along with that- a lot more oppertunities including to send her songs to t.v shows and movies. We would appreciate it if you ( fans ) supported her, and pass her name around, and help up her fan base. Regards and Thanks, Trenton


Hey Everyone, This is Trenton! I am Chesi's Press Guy!! We just wanted to let you ALL know- the band- CHESI N CREW, are looking for a new drummer!!! Yes, it's true!! So..if you think what it takes, and can handle the responsibility, and will be able to to mall, and radio tours...DO let us know!!! Contact Chesi through Facebook, or email her!! But-It's better if you go directly to the Manager. Chesi's Manager is, Anirudh Contact him: anirudh_vineet@hotmail.com Thanks, Trenton


Hey All, Trenton here, Just wanted to let you know-CHESI has been asked to do song cover's for: JUSTIN BIEBER-yes JB!!! She is now working on that!! She will be doing the following songs: *Never say Never *Baby *Never let you go *U smile - When she is finished with that, we will surely post that!! Regards, Trenton ( Chesi's Press )


Hey, this is Trenton, Chesi's press guy... Just to let you ( fans ) know- Today was NOT an easy day for CHESI =(!!! Today, August 26, 2010, her dear cat-Smokey had died at 5A.M!! She did not take it so well, she has had that cat since she was a small girl. He would always be at the door waiting for her when she would come home. And Chesi told me this morning ( crying )- that she is going to really miss it. She also told me that-wherever she went-he went..that's just how it was. When she'd lie down to watch t.v he would jump on her lap and cuddle with her...she also shared with me that even when she would go take a shower..he would wait outside for her...She says, "SHE LOVED HIM SO MUCH, AND SHE SAID SOMETIMES WHEN NO ONE ELSE WAS AROUND, OR COULDN'T TALK...SHE ALWAYS HAD HIM"..She had always mentioned that when she practicess guitar-he would be next to her, right on the bed, and for a new song she would always sing it to him first, then when she had finished..he would purr loudly, she said and cuddle with me. Right now, she is emotional!! Still crying, she keeps saying..just last night he was with me everywhere purring, and I watch "our show" with him beside me...it was like back to normal..so I WAS happy..but when I woke up this morning..he was gone..Goneforever..as she broked down to tears... Her beloved cat smokey, would sleep under her arms, or by her head every night..and she said...I am goin to miss that, and don't know what to do...she's like I had him for 13-14 years...so tonight...I won't be able to sleep. So, what we ask of you..YOU the fans!! please support CHESI!!! and show her that you feel about that, and know how she feels. Regards, Trenton ( CHESI's-press )