Who's 2 Blame???

Giving all you got to succeed is the only way I know. Sometimes I even have to talk to myself, so I can take the drive down a couple of notches. I don't blame anyone for my failures, probably because I've never failed at anything I put my mind to. On the other hand I've been blamed for other peoples short comings, that has absolutely nothing to do with me. I guess when you stand alone, then your an easy target. To all my circle past and present, "you only get out of me, what you put into me"!!! Now you can be the judge!! This music.. it's a "rap"..lol but we all new that!! And if you was down,you should've stayed down!! And if your still down, buckle up... for you own safety!!!...lol

climbing fast!!!

Thanks for all the support, without you all i wouldn't be able to get to where I am, and where I'm going. i hope you like the music and stay tuned in, because we have a line up that's going to change the industry... Now is out time and if you are fans ,then we're going to all be at the top!!!! visit me on .... www.myspace.com.payrolllll or @payrolllll on twitter or payrolllll on youtube or payrolllll on ustream.com or even reverb nation.... so stay posted and I will keep you informed about the latest!!!