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2010 comes to an end pt 2

August/September were quiet ones. We did a show with Streetlight Manifesto and played a music festival in Troon. Unfortunately we had a tragic loss in the Hostiles family which we spent the rest of the time dealing with. (RIP O'Dawg we spent our humble beginnings practicing in your son's bedroom. You tolerated alot and for that we wouldn't be the people we are today..thank you)

October picked up a little bit. We did a few shows, one with our friends in Random Hand in Newcaslte. We also filmed a DVD for London based TV show TFTV. We are planning on releasing it sometime in the near future.

November was an exciting one as we got to play with Less Than Jake! These guys were one of the first ska bands we got into and have been a big influence on us over ther years. With Zebrahead on the bill, this was deffo one of the biggest shows we have ever played...and yet for some alcohol related reason my mind is a bit hazy on the events of the night :s

December - although its not over yet, we are quite excited to end the year the way we are. We have one more scotland run (inlcuding a date with our dear friends Sonic Boom Six) and a trip to Huddersfield which might possibly be our last show for 2010. Even my recollection of the year has been rather basic..I assure you its been our best year yet. We go on into 2011 with even greater ambitions.

Saying this I would like to thank you guys for supporting us. Hope you guys have a great holiday and if we dont see you before..we will deffo see you in 2011 :)

Josh xxx

2010 comes to an end pt 1

Another year has past and what a year it has been! The year for the most part has been pretty solid with another 70+ shows to add to the list...whcih is now forever lost in time due to myspace having an identity crisis. If I had a bit more sense on the matter I would have probably made a note of the shows we played on a more reliable source....awww well.

Now even tho December has just started, there is not much left for the year "Hostiles" wise before we take a break for the holiday season....sooooo I'm gonna write this now.

2010 has been another step forward to achieving our goals as a band. I won't say that there were life changing events that caused us all to quit our jobs and do this full time BUT stuff has happened that makes that dream seem closer to becoming a reality.

Where to start....

January started off horrendously...we played a show at the Old Cock in Halifax..without giving too much detail, lets just say that everything that could go wrong did. Fortunately the rest of the gigs that month went really well.

Febuary saw more touring with our friends in A War Against Sound, John Q Public and We Are The Union. For some reason...."outsiders" have a hard time with our Scottish ways. Seriously, the reason we don't have 24 hr off liscences in Scotland is because there aren't enough donor livers to go around (in the world)...and the reason everything is fried is because it gets rid of your hangover faster :)

March had some good shows with our TNS pals. Played this rad show at the Bird's Nest in Deptford...this is where I may have tried PCP for the first time. Im not sure what it was but I was deffo freaking out. This was also the last time I took a pass of something from a total stranger..man...people are sure getting ballsy in the designated smoking area!

April was an interesting month. Apart from the usual gigging regime we went back into the studio to lay down more demos for a second album we will be recording next year. We also played our first wedding for a good friends Tam and LJ Jameison. That was also the month we were featured on an international Ska CD on Japanese label Kick Rock Music.

May was a quiet one due to exams. We did play some awesome festivals tho (Mayday Kippertronix and Strummercamp). I had an amazing time at both of these and would recommend them to anyone! We also saw our band logo permenantly inked on someone who wasn't in our band for the first time!

June/July - We kicked off our summer tour. It was 21 dates spanning the whole of UK and Ireland. I can't remember the last time i had that much fun. So many new sights and new people.