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For El Reno Oklahoma native David Chamberlain, country music is not just songs about the ups and downs of life, drinking whiskey and driving a pickup truck, it's the soundtrack and biography to his own personal journey.

His latest album, “Freedom Don't Come Free,” is not just flag-waving from behind the gates of a mansion on the hill - it's a simple heart-felt expression of a lesson Chamberlain learned the hard way.

“Our guys going over there defending our country and not coming back in the same condition they left in,” he said. “It may be a wound or scar that you can see, or a wound or scar that you can't see, but it's something they'll carry that around with them for the rest of their lives.

“They do that for us in the name of freedom,” Chamberlain said. What Chamberlain doesn't say is one of the “our guys” he sings about was him.

Facts about the Wall

The wall is 80 percent the size of the original in Washington, D.C., but still is more than 380 feet long and 8 feet high at its tallest point, made of anodized aluminum. It contains the names of 58,272 people who lost their lives during the Vietnam War. More than 900 Oklahoma men are listed on the wall, out of the 58,272 names. Sixteen of the names are of Enid men.

David Chamberlain to perform for Veterans Bennefit

Nov. 11th 2013 David Chamberlain and the band will be performing in ENID OK The Woodring Wall of Honor and Veterans Park, Inc. is a living memorial to veterans, past and present. The park is located at Woodring Regional Airport in Enid. Oklahoma. Memorial Day Ceremonies are held each year to honor Oklahoma heroes.

David Chamberlains' New Website!

David Chamberlain just published his new Official Website ! Drop and see it for yourself ! www.davidchamberlainmusic.com

David Chamberlain in Concert at Redneck Heaven

David Chamberlain is gearing up for the Grand Opening of Redneck heaven at FOSS LAKE OKLAHOMA!

David Chamberlain to perform live in Newkirk Oklahoma

David Chamberlain and his band will be in Newkirk at Southwind Casino this Saturday night ! Stop by and listen to some great music !

New Video

I saw horses that had been champion rodeo horses that could no longer be competitive. In today's economy, that generally means the horses are turned into dog food. Yet, here they were, teaching special needs children how to ride. In that same vein, here was a group of children with severe disabilities that were being treated very badly in school and in public. Very few people besides their parents cared about them or were even nice to them. It struck me what a miracle was happening! A group of horses and a group of children that were flawed came together and magic happened. The horses had a job to perform they were perfect for and the children had a chance to be accepted unconditionally. In addition, they learned new skills and gained a confidence they had never had before! I thought about and reflected on this for several days. One morning before I started work, I sat down and wrote the poem/song on my want list. I worked on it a little more trying to make it better, before I called David Chamberlain and asked him how this poem could be made into a song. Through an unbelievable series of events, the poem was fine tuned, set to music, and recorded in Nashville, TN--a true team effort of me, David Chamberlain, and Dean Miller. All along, my goal was to tell the story of the miracles that happen at Sunset Therapeutic Riding Center, so it and other programs like it could be expanded to help even more horses and people.

get the song at www.fdcf.net

Barbara Leonard
Barbara Leonard  (over 4 years ago)

Every horse can have a purpose if given a chance. Some people just don't give a damn.....in this throw-away society, just send them to the killer whether they're a baby or whether they're 30 and you've had them 30 years. As is the case with any kind of animal, it's (at least it should be) a lifetime commitment.

Freedom Don't Come Free

A truly heart-warming song sung by the outstanding David Chamberlain. Focusing on his pride to serve his fellow country men and women, as well as his brothers in the US Army, David gives a thought provoking and excellent performance about the real plight that war has on us all. This was originally released in 2010 for Veterans Day, and now has a brand new video! This should be watched by everyone to remind them that freedom truly doesn’t come free.