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The boys and I will be at The Back Forty Saloon tonight! Come on out GR!!!

Coming to a town NEAR YOU!

Kent City Lounge...Wounded Minnow..M-89..That's Cool..Cowboy Up..Stagecoach Barn..Back Forty Saloon

Americas Got Talent

I got an email from a producer last night requesting more info, a photo, and permission to make up a file on me and submit to executives for consideration to participate in Season Six! Heck Yeah! Did they even have to ask?!

1st Album

Looks like the 1st full length album is in the works. Couple of ducks yet to get in line.

Music Publishing/Promotions

Going to speak with a large and very well known Music firm who seem to like my music today. Pray all goes well.

Very Exciting News!

I received a postcard today from Nashville. The card informed us that an internationally recognized Nashville promoter had listened to and liked "Love Ain't Blind". We will be in communication with him next week to discuss the possibilities he may offer for artist development and/or the pitching of the songs to A list artists for recording/publishing deals. Wish me luck ~ Billy

Recording / New Music Video

Hi Everybody! Just scheduled more studio time today in addition to.....a music video shoot!!! We have some super exciting reasons to do the video but we have to keep that under wraps for now. I am so excited about the band, the upcoming show, and the video! So many ideas runnin thru our heads right now. Too many directions, too big of a "To Do List". :) Let's just start by....I will see you all Friday!! ~ Billy


Finally going to be back out there Friday night! Can't wait. The part I love the most is getting out there and seeing everyone respond to the music. It is the best feeling ever! This last year has been very trying in terms of finding qualified musicians. I feel good about the mix we have now and can't wait to see your reaction. See you soon!~ Billy


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Michigan, Southern Hospitality

You would not believe it if you weren't here to see it!! True Michigan folks are just as hospitable as any good southern home would have. It has been a pleasure meeting the folks up here and playing for them. The only thing missing up here was a true "Country Twang"! But I got this.....