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Recording again!

One song at a time but so glad to be in the studio!

Everything for the love of writing

In the past two years I have picked up once again where I left off. I have isolated myself from most social circuits to create and write all new material. I will be getting the new stuff out soon and I hope you enjoy the energy and vibe of the new songs in 2016 :) dj

Tony Stallard-Time Train
Tony Stallard-Time Train  (almost 5 years ago)

Fresh ideas & songs grow in their own time. Being somewhere between Blondie & Grace Potter's a pretty good place to be for someone young; tells me you have a respect for yesterday.
All the best.


Thank You for your support, means everything to me :)

Deborah Joe Music

We are putting a surf rock spin on the new tunes, going back to our roots from our rock , punk days.