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Some Encouragement

Oh…what I've learned about entering the music life is that there is much more learning needed indeed, historically speaking, to put yourself and your music into perspective. Do you know how that guitar you're playing came into being? (Hell the telecaster was called the broadcaster before taking “tele” after legal issues and the popularity of this old thing that came about called the television). What about that turn table or synthesizer that became the reason you're playing it? The records you're playing on it? Cultural invasions and cross infusions? Got yerself any heroes and their heroes and their heroes..etc? You get what I'm saying eh…and in a time where music has been so spread across a fucking global spectrum, education and intelligence still reins fucking top. The popularity of music was a catalyst to create a family which spawned the modern day to day geniuses. And to speak in absolutes, it's all connected to one genesis of a family. The THING inside us all. The essential information that doesn't need to be fucking explained. MUSIC. But shit, the family has its bad eggs and some are spoiled to hell. It's a shame that some popularity throws some suckers into an environment for which they have no fucking perspective for why they do it. Their only recollection is that which they were told was popularity and mass produced. And it's a pissing tragedy these certain folks got involved basically for a myth called fame and an invisible number all for the sake of music. Breaking backs in the process. Somewhere along in history, for what has become of little past recall, profit took over principle. What can the working man do about it? A percolator and a cleaner for your musical curiosity is what. This includes online filters that begin in your own mind because in a growing number of scenarios, this is where people are getting their artists and tunes. Word of mouth isn't going anywhere without a doubt. But it seems neither are victims of the ol’ "viral" phenomena either (I remember that having a virus was usually a thing to fucking avoid, shit in your blood stream attacking the essential life force in you for its own ass of a sake?!?!?!). And premium services that summarize position in charts, an artist’s equity, or a stupid thing like a checklist that tries to tell you what needs to be done in order to make it a success are all a shit pie of phony ass. This doesn’t help any economic situation I assure you. Possessions online for things like this are too numerous and widespread as to degrade personal value. The internet and how to use it are too much an infant still to worry about things like this. Presences are great, but get the hell out there and play already! Get yer hands dirty and work for it! Anywho, the filter in your mind should be able to actively question and research the shit your ears may be fucking tricked into, crap that just sounds good or has a good beat. The day lyrics or the music that people really cared about became a fondness rather for this thing called a beat, music became mindless. Then praise for statistics of record companies and their profit and loss sheet for the year became the face that kept people smiling. Yes, a fucking statistic at the expense of the so called losers. Fortunately history is learned best by the losers, the small town artisans and musical hubs, the ones you have to damn right dig for, even though the other way tries to tell you it was explained by winners. This will never be so and don’t let them tell you this with an inch of approval. No fucking way. So make music be the reason for you, and not just the cliché that you’d expect a writer like me to tell you the turn around. That you with a blank look in yer eyes, deaf ears, communal nod of the head, yer wallet, and yer being is all for “music’s” sake. Yeah I told you anyway, but I suppose it’s just the fighting side of me. Good luck.

Where's the F&*%$#@ album already!?

I'm not going to draw this out like a bitching drama reality TV basket-case of some didactic band plot. Pieces of mierda like that are left for those folks who still reminisce over their favorite Warped Tour band that broke up years ago and are still longing for a hopeful reunion. It aint gunna happen. Ya podemos a movar adelante???! Por Favor it's pinche RocknRoll! But shit happens and people wonder why...hell! It's our fucking narrative of how we came into existence as we are now. So let me lay it down and share some words of a grim fairy tale and the future of what Kabomba hopes to share musically.

In November of 2010 the band then known as Helix (Canadian band that borders on the likes of Spinal Tap...you know... unfortunate legal issues sharing this name) recorded 20 songs in three days at the Firestation Studios under the hard working hands of Jake Lummus (I'm serious the man's a recording magician and put up with a lot of our crap and frustration). Shortly after in December we had a falling out with our then drummer, which has since been patched and relationships have matured nicely. Caleb Comstock learned our songs in less than two weeks to drum for a show on New Years Eve with Austin's Muchos Backflips (apologies bros...eeeyea). That night we ate shit and a fair...alright unfair amount of tonics, cocktails, and emotion that drove Neal Denton to say to me after this excruciatingly painful and horrendously puke of a show,"Can we just forget this ever happened?" Every band that wants to do something fucking serious with themselves should surely consider doing something similar. Perhaps not the bodily consuming events, but a good dose of healthy failure and a disastrous beast of a show. We all agreed and looking back to the next morning..it was an animal dubbed Kabomba! that woke.

During the next few months, overdubs and vocals were added to all of these recorded tracks to produce a conceptual double album...One things led to another and fate would have it that all of this post work was lost somewhere in New York City (we assume it was just meant to be Jake, no hard feelings whatsoever!). You can imagine the urges to throw up the hands and say "Fuck it all!" But we love this too music too much, we too damn resilient, care too much for our fans, and are in it for the long haul to take on this damn world! Luckily... the all original tracks remain intact and as of last weekend, with the help of Caleb, his insane amount of technical imagination (the guy builds technology you'd call insanity after he explains it to you!) and recording education, we've laid the vocals and mixes on 12 of our most original tracks. It's a catharsis of fresh air.

So all I can say is that the rookie album we plan to release will be ready when it's ready yo! Sooner than you'd imagine. The thing is a damn specter, a test of sanity, hard work, a Sisyphus with a mind of it's own, and we know it's a legacy worth leaving for friends, family, San Marcos, Texas, the people beyond our borders, and the future.

Hope this explains it. More to come. Love,


(article by Bryce Gorski)