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Been Along Time...Time For An Update Status!!!

Well Slaughterous Bereavement is proud to announce we are still going strong and we have been on a break but that is because we have been bust creating our wonderful masterpice! Our brand new EP!! entitled the Six Names!!! It has 6 tracks on it with our Intro, old ones like Judgement For The Weak and Mutilated Prostitite, and two new ones Disgustful Aroma and Ramming Beta along with our Moshtastic Outro!! its only $5 and we will be having an EP Release show here soon!! So stay updated!! We also Will be going on tour here soon!!! We also would like to welcome our new bassist Josh "Mongo" Leblanc!!! Hope To see everyone Still coming to shows and stay with us!! Thank You Our Loyal Fans and Friends Keep Your Horns Up!!!!-SB

SO What's Up with SB?

hey everyone, so recently we have finished our demo and we realize its not top notch but its a demo. Currently though we are making a new song which is untitled at the moment and we are working hard new material, shows, myspace, and getting our name as big as possible! thanks for the support!, -SB