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Posted new video

Posted new video of lead singer Shawn McFadden performing S.I.N. (Some Insane Notion) in the studio. We perform this song to open for another one of our songs "Wasted" when playing out live.

Posted final mix for SIN (Some Insane Notion) today.

Removed previous live/rough version along with song Wasted while transitioning to add final mixes of all of our newer material. Finally getting to make some changes to our song list as the mixes are cranked out. best regards, Sane Anonymous.

still recording

Well, vocal tracks laid for three new songs....moving on for Sunday to see what gets done.

2 more drum tracks laid down 7 songs total

Still pushing on with recording - drum tracks laid to for 2 more songs 'The Mirror' & 'BlackRain'. 7 down and 5 more to go! Time to start on Guitar, Bass and Vocals.

3 more songs down for drum tracks

drum tracks laid down for 3 more songs today Sunday 12/28 - for 'Final Maker', 'Who Cares' and re-take of 'Do it or Die'. Rock'n & Roll'n!

two new songs

recorded drum tracks for 2 new songs 'Hollywood Wreckless and No Mercy' Sunday Afternoon. 2 more will happen next Sunday as well. Move'n right along!

battle of the bands

Sep 26 Fri Battle of the Bands - Night 3 - Riverwolves, Forever Fades Away, Sane Anonymous & The Archaeas!  6:30pm-10:30pm  New Albany Production House Night 3 of the NAPH Battle of the Bands! One winner will advance to our finals on Oct. 17! It will be Riverwolves vs. Forever Fades Away vs. Sane Anonymous vs. The Archaeas! Doors open at 6:30! $5 in advance, $7 at the door!

two new songs

Okay...need some input on two new songs from a recent practice session. The Fire Burns Inside and Like a Disease are the titles and are still in the rough for now, but close to how we want the songs to sound. thanks for your input...

Rock For Kosair

Kudo's to Eddie Metal and all the participants of the Rock for Kosair show last night at the PHT. Had a great time listening to some kick-ass bands with my sweetie (who managed to hang in there and enjoyed the show too!). It was great to get out and see some great acts, didn't see all of them, but hey, I'm old and don't have the piss and vinegar I used to. Started out in the Saloon with JeffersonTarcBus kicking on great rock'n covers - KrosJoint (Awesome!) tearing down the house and man Buzz can still belt it out with the Band rock'n the house. Unleashed (Amazing young'ns) throwing down on covers and origins. and finally before retiring back home and to bed, Signal The Revolution (Blew the damn doors off the place!) Hell of a band, killer guitar tone Chris! Great time, Great Music and people!!!

The Old Louisville Coffee House show canceled tonight!

Sorry folks, but The Old Louisville Coffee House decided to cancel tonights show due to the UL/UK game - bad call on their part IMO, but it is what it is! Hope this gets to everyone in time that was planning on coming out. Again, apologies to those planning to show after the game tonight, this is beyond our control, best regards.