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Simpatico Press Release

ON FEBRUARY 9TH RESONANCE RECORDS SET TO RELEASE SIMPATICO BY VERSATILE TRUMPET MASTER CLAUDIO RODITI RODITI’S NEW CD FOLLOWS HIS 2009 GRAMMY-NOMINATED BRAZILLIANCE X 4 In the wake of his acclaimed and Grammy-nominated (in the “Best Latin Jazz Album” category) 2009 Resonance Records release, Brazilliance x 4, trumpet/flugelhorn player Claudio Roditi has created Simpatico, another tuneful showcase for his patented blend of Brazilian samba and bossa nova with straight-ahead jazz. But where last year‟s recording included works by such Brazilian legends as João Donato, Durval Ferreira, and Johnny Alf, Simpatico spotlights both Roditi‟s playing and his composing talents. “To me,” Roditi remarks, “the main difference of this album from everything else I have done is that for the very first time these are all my compositions, all twelve of them. There are some new pieces, some a little older, but these are mostly things I haven‟t recorded, and some of them I haven‟t played live.” There also are some other new wrinkles on Simpatico. For instance, on “Piccolo Blues,” Roditi plays an instrument that is relatively new to him and quite uncommon in jazz, the tiny piccolo trumpet. “It‟s about a year and a half that I‟ve been fooling around with the piccolo trumpet,” he notes. “It‟s a hard instrument to get a nice sound on, but little by little I‟ve been learning and playing it more and more. I wrote this song in a comfortable range for the piccolo trumpet, and it‟s my „introduction.‟ In other words, I was introducing myself to the instrument with this song.” And while most of the tracks on Simpatico find him in quintet settings, Roditi revisits “Slow Fire,” a tune he first recorded back in 1989, but this time with a lush orchestral backing created by Kuno Schmid. “He is a phenomenal arranger and he created a different feeling for this song, which put us is a new direction. And Duduka is playing very, very differently on the drums than on the original recording.” Of course, Roditi is referring to Duduka Da Fonseca, his fellow Brazilian and drummer of choice for more than two decades.

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