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(((SUMMER 2017)))

Wow - soooo much on the plate O Noir.... Arts In The Plaza kicked off May 27th and has been promoted on News 12 and WPIX courtesy of Ingrid Dodd Pr (BIG THX) Random LB Recordz Vol. 1 CD has been released June 9th featuring 13 original Long Beach artists - in conjunction with Pride On the Beach Stage 2 and at Arts In The Plaza.... June 9th and June 10th. Benoir's "Song For Brendan Carr" pays respect to the life of a beautiful kid who left us too soon. Listen to the violin and viola parts on that song and across the album like "Only Love" by Johnny Mystic or "Salt N Blue" by Katie Mitchell Band or the slide guitar on Natalie Dangerfield's "So Wrong" and Wolfish "Company" and you can hear what Benoir's been up to. Benoir plays piano and brushes on "Lost In Translation" by Marina Stoebner, and lead guitar, keys, and bass on "Too Late" by J Brittany. He recorded tracks 1, 3, 6, 7, 8, 11, and 13 within weeks of the release at Studio Noir. In Latin Jazz Fusion news... Guardavidas is killin it - the Arizas and Victor Poretz rocked opening day with Dave Kellan and Spirit Sky Drum followed up by our last few gigs at Cabana and the Half Moon. We head East to Tula Kitchen in Bayshore July 14th... George Ariza keeps wowing the crowd with his Bass, Alto Sax, and now MOOG synth! Jorge is on fire, and Victor is the "Trombonenator" what else can we say about this 60 years young dude!

Studio Noir is pumping out A+ NYSSMA scores, pro level teen bands and all sorts of awesomeness including the Long Beach Ukulele Orchestra who played at Arts On The Boardwalk with ukes, cello, guitars, and more. Benoir teamed up with Sly Geralds and John Cardoso to form a Jazz N Blues trio who has been performing at Lola's in LB in honor of Mike Barnett. Benoir has also been playing solo with loops at spots like the Vibe Lounge (returning July 6th) and Lilly's of Long Beach June 28th, July 12, July 26, and LB Social August 3rd. Lilly's again Aug 9th and 31st too. Studio Noir and Arts In The Plaza have become sponsors of the Long Beach Film Festival and are actively involved in many of their events the week of July 31st through August 4th - A Taste On The Beach with Film Screenings on the Beach coupled with a HUGE celebrity Tent party. Benoir Y Guardavidas will be providing party music in the tent this year from 6 to 9pm. Other events at the Allegria Hotel will feature music by Benoir Trio, Pamela Lewis, Mark Klein, and Richie "Sinatra" Weinstein. DJ Chef and DJ Serenade have become sponsors of Arts In The Plaza and are also team members with Pride On The Beach and the LBIFF. You will be enjoying their DJ skills at all 3 festivals. Arts In The Plaza / Studio Noir have also joined forces with the Barrier Beach Blues Festival sponsoring a movie premiere of "BIG FISH BLUES" about the Long Island Blues scene from the 1960's to the 1990's. Benoir will also team up with vocalists Natalie Dangerfield and Heath Mensher July 1st at AITP for a Random Blues Band set. Heath and Benoir played together since they were teenagers and formed the Suffering Blues Band together in 2009. Catch a solo set by Heath at Random LB July 1st from 5 to 7pm. This kicks off the Benoir Birthday Bash week... Junction on July 5th at 9:30pm a fabulous new club in Long Beach with a real stage and a real sound system (plus amazing food and drinks). Benoir will jam with plenty of friends, but backed by his new trio. July 8th Benoir will perform a singer songwriter night at Lola's with guest Jeff Alan and the LB Ukes (if we can fit them physically up there). Should be a fun and different Lola's experience. You can catch Benoir on the Chapter's Rap Youtube video performing live renditions of songs and a long interview about his musical heritage. Look out for daughter Luna Bessa's first appearance as an actor (with mommy and daddy too) in August. Listen to Benoir on Spotify just search Jazzy Funky Noir!


Wow, it's been a great summer with fantastic weather and a lot of happenings. Guardavidas has been playing pretty often and at some new spots. If you live near Freeport or Bayshore please don't miss the last Wednesday in August at Hudson's On The Mile and the last Friday in August at Tula Kitchen. We rocked both spots with our Latin grooves and the food was DELISH!! Benoir performed solo at Brixx and Barley and LB Social this summer and continues to host the ACOUSTIC CAFE open mic series August 13th and August 20th at Arts In The Plaza. Musicians are welcome to sign up to perform one or two pieces. Benoir has also performed at some big wedding events and hosted jam nights at Lola's for the Folk-2-Funk and Barrier Beach Blues Festivals. He continues to work with the Long Beach Ukulele Orchestra who performed at Finn Fest with Studio Noir Kids and is looking forward to participating in the 2016 Long Beach Jazz Festival with a Jazz Jam Session at Lola's 9/15 and Guardavidas at Cabana 9/16. Also on the horizon is a return to Brixx Barley and a fun filled Fall Calendar at Arts In the Plaza.

The biggest news is that Benoir and Sammi Hoop are enjoying their role as parents, and that their little girl Luna Bessa continues to inspire them and everyone in the community.

We hope you are having a wonderful summer.




WOW... another winter/spring is over and it's time to KICK OUT THE JAMS at Brixx Barley this Friday May 27th in celebration of Arts In The Plaza opening day May 28th. Brixx Party features Katie Mitchell, Guardavidas, Five To One, Benoir, Stormy Wednesday, and Fallen Angels. The show starts at 10pm and ends at 1am. May 28th features Dave Kellan with horns! noon to 3pm

Visit http://www.artsintheplaza.com to see what we are up to. Booking and programming entertainment and rustling up sponsorships to pay for them is quite an undertaking. There is a lot on the schedule to enjoy and we are doing our best to bring you low decibel artists so the vendors can speak with the customers and art admirers. We want to build a community event together with the Farmer's Market that we can all enjoy. A few events feature electric bands like Sweet Suzi on June 18th for the Barrier Beach Blues Festival. Our Halloween In The Plaza on October 29th features Studio Noir Kid Rock Bands. A few other highlights include a Tribal Hoop Jam, Milestone, Petey Mix, and a new ACOUSTIC CAFE concept where Benoir can spotlight a diverse selection of new and returning acoustic artists in an open mic type of setting. (But it is a pre sign up due to time restrictions)

Benoir's Latin Group Guardavidas is performing regularly in the Long Beach scene coming off a high at the Highline Ballroom for Anna Pipoyan's big show. The Long Beach Ukulele Orchestra is alive and well and performing at Arts In The Plaza on June 11th at noon to 2pm. Jeff and Ashley finish out the day from 2-3pm.

Benoir and the Long Beach All-Stars and the Benoir Trio are currently blending into different gigs at private parties, weddings, and benefit concerts.

Lastly, Benoir's new role as a father has him quite busy with his 6 month old daughter Luna Bessa. Sammi Hoop and Monsieur Noir have their hands full literally and figuratively. It's a blessed time in their lives.

We hope you have an excellent Memorial Day Weekend and that we will see you at Arts In The Plaza and all of the upcoming events!

Peace and Love


I am so blessed to be a daddy to my little girl, a husband to my wife, an entertainer to the world, and an educator here in Long Beach, NY. Recently I injured my wrist by "over doing it" and had to lay in bed for a few days. Tonight I was able to play piano again with Guardavidas and recorded our rehearsal. Tracks are up, not perfect, but definitely a lot of progress. Reverbnation.com/guardavidas - check out the first 5 tracks from April 7th.. It's now April 8th - we play at Saverio's tonight at 8pm. Looking forward to Monday night at the Highline Ballroom in New York City with Anna Pipoyan.. man it'll be an amazing mix of talent there.. We had a blast last weekend at JR Asian Fusion for Carmapalooza. Next week the LBMF at the Library and our premiere at Cabana as Guardavidas, complete with a late night DOORS Tribute set by Five To One... Be well, stay safe, and be BLESSED....



We are searching for loud, crazy, shredding, egocentric guitarists who can SOLO with EFX for Guitar Wars 2 at Arts In The Plaza! October 17th. Where Sci-Fi meets Amplification! Come in costume, prizes and more t.b.a. October 23rd Benoir and Guardavidas return to Thai Rock in Far Rockaway! Join the Fiesta! 8pm til ?

Halloween at AITP includes Benoir's Studio Noir bands, DJ Serenade, and FIVE TO ONE a Doors Tribute. That evening join us at Saverio's of Long Beach for a Halloween Costume Party and end of season celebration for the AITP family with Guardavidas. Prizes and more!

And look out for J-Bird's Annual Long Beach Roxx Festival the weekend of 24th, 25th, 26th!

Irish Day is October 3rd - see and hear PARK AVENUE at AITP from 1 to 4pm.



Big thanks to all of your support! We had some great events this summer and really appreciate all the support. Thanks to you we are number 1 here on the charts at reverbnation.com

Benoir Trio, Benoir All-Stars, and Guardavidas bands have been gigging a lot, and Five To One is going to close out the Arts In the Plaza season on Halloween.




We rocked the stage at opening day AITP and Green Fest May 24th, and thankfully there are some great videos to show it... Thanks to Sammi Hoop and Robert Shanley, and our fans!


Man what a crazy 12 piece band we had going that day and I want to thank each member. Chris DeCarmine for his extreme drumming, Johnny Scratch the washboard percussion genius, the Great Carmonica, J Brittany, John Peri Jr, Jesse and Lucas Klirsfeld, John Botten, Tony Breit, Jeff Alan, Mike Caprino, and Lisa Engellis who tore up the stage and blew me away with her vocal prowess. Did I forget anyone? I hope not. That was one of the best gigs ever. It felt great and looked great and sounded GREAT. Thank you musicians.

Sunday May 25th we rocked J.W. Trainor's acoustic w David Weintraub - guitar vocals percussion, Johnny Scratch, and guest sax John Peri Jr. Jeff Alan also joined us and ripped plenty of amazing solos both days. It was a sweet reunion to be playing at this classic watering hole celebrating 40 years, and also to be performing on the Halftime Howie radio show again. It was great to see old friends from the show and to dedicate the performance to my mom who passed away last year from Cancer on the same date.

New show dates are being added including hits on Fire Island, and more!

Stay tuned, Stay connected, Namaste!



We are playing Saturday at AITP noon to 4pm and Sunday at J.W. Trainor's - 2 great shows, don't miss. Enjoy your weekend. Big thank you to our Veterans!


Check out the awesome Open Mic Spotlight produced by David Feldman of Long Island NY . tv