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What is on your i-pod or eight track player? I am in my dad's mancave i.e. music den where his computer, keyboard, and old videos are. Here are a few titles, A lesson with Steve Allen, Cats, Woman in Green, Peter Gabriel Secret world Live, Mr. Bean...I am rolling... Oh, and what have my eyes beheld??? Bob Dylan Inspirations. I am originally from Detroit and have been in Minneapolis for longer than I care to admit. However, I am proud to have breakfast in Dinkytown by the University of MN. at a place where Bob Dylan used to dine... Not to mention, I live roughly 3 blocks from First Avenue, where Prince filmed Purple Rain. Oh, but what do I see?? Nice and fresh albums waiting to be caressed just once more of Chicago, Earth, Wind, and Fire, McArthur Park... He does have the coolest ManCave Ever!!