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TDC will be hitting the busy season soon! PLaying Oyster Bake 2012, along with some surprises this summer!!! Keep a look out for us near you!

writting writting writting...

hey everyone, just wanted to drop a line and let ya'll know what we have been up to. Over the last few weeks we have been working on the new songs for the upcoming album, as of right now we have a bout 7 new tunes, you will be hearing several of them at our shows in March, so be ready! In other news you can now listen to TDC in every Rowe and Ami jukebox in the United States, so next time your at your local watering hole... give us a play or three. Finally, our next show in San Antonio will be on Wed march 16th with Volcom band Valient Thorr and San Antonio brothers The Heroine, this ios gonna be a great nite of rock n roll, VT is the opening band for Motorhead and Clutch, so make sure you get out to that show... thats about all for now, as always thank you for supporting unsigned bands, see you out there!!! RNR-Ol' Mikey

Webstore and Rammy's

Hey out there in interwebs land!! Winter is fast approaching, and you're gonna need to bundle up! Stop by the Top Dead Center webstore, and pick up a long sleeve shirt, hoodie, and beanie! go to http://www.freewebstore.org/high-octane-productions

Also head on over to http://www.sacurrent.com/rammys and vote for your favorite local beer chuggin, gas huffin, high octane rock and roll band TOP DEAD CENTER!!

whats happening

so we are waiting for the voting to close for the kiss contest, then we cross our fingers... believe me, you guys will know as soon as we do. word the wise, the copies of a trainride to hell that we have are very limited and WONT be repressed. thats right, a new version of the cd will be released soon so get your copy of the original whike suppilies last. thats about it for now, our next show is saturday at the mix, this is gonna be a crazy show!!! hope to see you all there. until next time... keep doing the deal everyone and thanks...mikey-