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Update on things...

Hey folks, just wanted to post an update about whats been going on in Ma'at land. I'm going to try to do these more often, like at least two or three times a year. Hah!

Anyways, the current articles on our agenda are finding a new home for the band (a new rehearsal facility), wrapping up our two newest songs, and the ever continuing process of booking shows. Hopefully we're going to be branching out of just the Columbia area soon. We're looking to move our message to power centers like Greenvile, Atlanta, Charleston and Charlotte.

We've got a potential on the new rehearsal place, new contacts into the upstate, and a several minutes worth of material for each song, so all of these goals are progressing along nicely.

Hope all of you are enjoying Tribulation. We worked pretty hard on that so that you could all have something modern to listen to. Crazy thing that a lot of folks don't know is that those are all LIVE takes, save a few overdubs on the guitar and vocal side....but that thing is not a piece by piece normal studio recording. We were expecting it to come out pretty well, but we never imagined it would be so good that most would mistake it for a full on studio EP! Crazyness.

Also, i've noticed we've been gaining several new fans from Turkey. Just want to say whats up to you folks and I hope you guys like us enough to get us over to Turkey one day to play!

So yeah, everyone take care and don't give up. If thing's are tough right now for ya (like they are for most of us) hang in there. Keep fighting, we'll be here for ya!

-Nick 2:32am 9/10/11

First entry

Well, we're finally wrapping up the demo. After 3 months of being hold up in the studio Ma'at will be seeing the light of day for the first time on August 27th, at the New Brookland Tavern. This is a show you want to make, not only is the awesome band Obraskai releasing their latest album, but the Ma'at EP will also be available for the first time!

On top of that we have a couple of surprises for you guys this time. =)

Lots of big projects on the horizon. This is just the start.