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KARMIKAZE won 1st place in Battle of the Bands!

Karmikaze received the 1st place prize in Surf City's 1st Annual Battle of the Bands and our guitarist, Nick Jennes, received the prize for Best Guitarist, which was an awesome electric guitar. We would like to thank everyone who supported us Saturday Night, the talented bands who performed and the people who made it possible. Rock out!


KARMIKAZE wants to know: What was your favorite live band experience, and why? This includes clubs and concerts. Feel free to elaborate.

Free show in Huntington Beach!

We are playing a free show at 10:30 at BarHookUp in Huntington Beach on Friday, July 27th. In addition, what places do you like to frequent where you would like to hear us play live? We're always open to suggestions.

Our New Bio! - How we formed, our shows, goals and what Karmikaze stands for


Nick Jennes, guitar/backing vocals, 27, from Seattle Mike Merz, drums/percussion, 32, from Huntington Beach Patrick Schubert, bass, 37, from Duarte Kurt “Papa” Reisig, vocals/trumpet, 40, from Whittier

Inception: Kurt and Nick fatefully met at a Nine Inch Nails/Jane’s Addiction concert through a friend named Wayne. They jammed together on the 4th of July in a living room in Hermosa Beach and found musical chemistry jamming to Hendrix, Doors, and Violent Femmes tunes, constantly musing on influences, ranging from punk to jazz. Kurt knew Patrick from playing with a cover band called the Mids at the Marlin in Huntington Beach—they united musically through alike musical influences. Nick and Kurt auditioned many drummers; Nick met Mike at an indie rock club in Costa Mesa. Weeks later, Mike answered a posting for a drummer at ….Trader Joe’s….and it just happened to be Nick, whom he met at the aforementioned club. Nick and Kurt had 14 tunes already composed and ready by this time (9 months), but Patrick and Mike added truly original dimensions to these tunes, dimensions Nick and Kurt hadn’t even fathomed! The musical chemistry was fate from the get-go. So, as Karmikaze, here we go!

Playing History: Right out of the gate, Karmikaze has played 4 shows in 1 month at the Blue Café in Huntington Beach and will be playing the Blue Café in Long Beach at 11 p.m. on September 27th. To quote the manager of the Blue Café in Huntington Beach, apparently, we “kick a@#”, but you should really see for yourself (as in “see it live”; videos don’t capture all the energy).

The Name: As the act of a kamikaze is sudden, fast, and final, in many ways, the idea of karma is an everyday reality, as we all face life changing moments through the bad and good we do; our lives tend to constantly remind us of what we are doing, whether good or bad, through the chances that time grants us. Realization of the true self is a) sometimes difficult, b) sometimes questionable, and c) sometimes triumphant. It can be melancholy, invigorating, insidious, challenging and, often, hilarious…

…we like to write songs about it.


THE NEWLY ESTABLISHED ROCK BAND Karmikaze is on its way to play gigs coming up in about a month. Please add us as friends and support us and we'll return the favor. We have a cool eclectic style of funk, punk, surf, rock and we can always use some more cowbell. And watch us play around the Huntington Beach / Costa Mesa CA area. Hope to see you there, Rock out!

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