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Back from the dead

Smells Like Green... will be playin a little return to the stage show this saturday at Cool Beans in Denton Tx. The show will mostly contain tracks from The Wanderer(s), with a couple off Taboo one from The Suicide Machine Anthems and one from Cold, Quiet and Distorted. Not a notable return to the stage yet but a definite return. Will be picking up more shows as I can.

Citizen Cain and more updates

Smells Like Green... has released "The Wanderer(s)," and is in the process of assembling a full live band to promote. Another record, formerly titled "X," and now known as "Citizen Cain," is set for release December 21st 2012. Smells Like Green has recalled "The Suicide Machine Anthems," for remastering, and will be releasing more old content soon. Two albums and a single are now live on itunes, and spotify among other stores.

The Wanderer(s)

An all new 14 track record, "The Wanderer(s)" is finished. There's very little in the way of actual album art for this concept record. Never the less I'm still promoting "The Suicide Machine Anthems," and the B-side remix follow up "Cold, Quiet and Distorted." I'm planning to launch "The Wanderer(s)" on my birthday or during the summer along with a rerecorded/remastered "Taboo." I also started another recording project for Smells Like Green... simply called "X." More will come of that as it develops.

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