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Greenlaw Evaluation and 2011

As a New Year approaches i am sure every band sets new goals and reviews the year past. The questions "What did we accomplish ?, What can we do better? and what do we want to see happen? are the usual evaluation tools.So here we go ....

What did Greenlaw accomplish in 2010?? Well first off we enjoyed a successful WODNB tour including dates in Miami and Puerto Rico. We watched our second single After I'm gone climb the charts and stay in the top ten for almost 5 weeks on BreakBeat.co.uk Greenlaw also just released a new powerful song and Video via Formation Records UK titled No less Of a Star. We really hope this tune helps to lift up sad frustrated and tired souls. We were super stoked to work with the highly acclaimed Knight Riderz and Mark Instinct. Knight Riderz offered up an amazing remix of one of our unreleased tunes titled Freedom and Instinct completely smashed our new tune Go in Peace creating a true dub step classic !!

What can we do better ?? I think the phrase "If the pressure is on you start and the pressure will be off" pretty much sums it up. No more procrastinating and maybe a bit more delegating would be good in 2011.

What do we want to see happen?? GREENLAW WOULD LOVE TO SEE FORMATION RECORDS UK RELEASE THEIR ALBUM !!! we have been waiting a very long time and 2011 has got to be the year. We would also love to see 100 000 plus downloads of our new single No Less of a Star. Last but not least we want to write and release a song that will change the WORLD ...why not

I guess that about sums it up for now if you are running your own project I highly recommend evaluating your year and setting your manifestations for the New Year.

Here is to everyones Success and Happiness in 2011!!! Greenlaw http://www.youtube.com/greenlawformation