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Our Announcement for You!

Dear All!

As many of our fans and close friends know, we have been lying low over the past couple of months with shows and recently have not been as active. However just because we have not been rocking the stage doesn’t mean we haven’t been hard at work. Over the months that have passed by we have been working out an elaborate piece artwork. Something we consider to be very beautiful. Something we are truly proud of. We think you would be too. Yes, we have been composing our sophomore album, titled “Turning the Triad”. Our new concept “Turning the Triad” is going to be released at 10th Street Live in Kenilworth NJ on August 11th, 2012. We want ALL of you there to celebrate with us what we have created. We will reveal plenty more details regarding “Turning the Triad” and everything involving it soon. We thank you all so much.

Oh, and by the way, you should get very, excited for new sounds. Big things are coming.


The Knight Owls

TKO July 2011

Hello everyone, Yet AGAIN I have managed to make a late entry for our blog...so much for once a month. There are some awesome shows coming up this summer for us. As of right now, ahead of us lies: The Mayors Concert on July 5th Behind Woodbridge High School (School of John, Ronnie, and Matt), A Benefit Concert for Nikolai Ruck at Rugs and Riffys in Woodbridge NJ, The Championship Bar on July 30th, and Mexicali Live on August 17th(Absolutely our biggest show of the summer!). Make sure that you contact us for tickets or additional information! theknightowlsband@yahoo.com

Between these really cool show, we have received some awesome press over the past couple months from: The Home News Tribune, The Courier News, The Asbury Park Press, NJToday.net, and WoodbridgePatch.com. We also were featured on The Aquarian Weekly's "Project Greenroom", which was great! The link for that is at the bottom. Stay tuned for so much more from us, we have a lot coming up and are very excited!

-T.K.O. -M.C.


TKO March 2011

Hello again everyone! As usual I am late again with the blog entry, but better late than never! As always some really cool stuff is happening with the band! We have been writing a lot of new material at our practices and jam sessions and hope to showcase some of it at some upcoming shows. There are certainly some really cool songs and ideas coming the way of our audience, so please be sure to stay tuned! Some of the upcoming shows over the next month of so that we have coming up are:

March 12th at Architekt Live in Butler NJ. This will be the bands 2nd time playing Architekt, and to say the least we are very excited to be returning. Architekt has a great set up, a great sound system, a great stage for the band, and in general a great venue to play! Tickets for the show are $10 at the door and $10 in advance as well. The doors open up at 6:30 so come check it out if you are in town! We will be playing alongside with: Morning... , Pilots in Orbit, and Oval Portrait. The set times are TBA still, but I would assume that we start later, but you can never be to safe, so come when the doors open!!

April 1st at The Saint in Asbury Park NJ. Now The Saint is a place that we have not ventured to yet, but we are very excited to be playing there soon! The Saint has had many bands come through and play, and because of that it has certainly made a name for itself as a piece of music history. The doors for the show open up at 8:00pm and its 18 to enter 21 to drink. We're playing with these bands: Nazavibe, Kineticblu, and Trace of Emptiness. Its going to be a cool show! Same deal here, we go on towards the end of the night to the best of my belief, but play it safe and don't be sorry by getting there early!

April 15th at The Court Tavern in New Brunswick NJ. This will be the bands first time playing The Court Tavern as well, which is cool for the crowd and cool for us as well, were looking forward to it! The Court Tavern has hosted live original music for many years as well and certainly has had bands play that have made a mark on the world of music. The doors open up 8pm, and our set starts at 10pm, and there is a $10 cover charge at the door to get in. So please come check that show out it is going to be awesome!

There are more shows on the way and certainly a lot of other big news with the band! Keep your ears open and stay tuned for sure! Thanks everyone! -T.K.O. -M.C.

TKO January 2011

Hello everyone! It has been some time since the last blog entry, the reason for that is we have been that much more busy with the band and all the work that we have been doing with our music. A lot has happened since the last entry, as most of you probably already know, the band has released our debut album "Who Gives a Hoot" and is now available for purchase! Since the release show November 20th, 2010, the band took a few weeks off from playing shows for many reasons, but the main reason we took some time off was to begin rehearsing our music with our newest member Ronnie, who is now our drummer. We are very pleased with our new line up, and we are guaranteed you will be as well. Some upcoming shows that are coming up are:

January 8th, Saturday night, at Architekt Music located in Butler NJ. Architekt is a brand new music venue that just opened up back in early October. Although it just opened it has already built a big name for itself. It is going to be a very cool show and one certainly not to miss out on. Tickets can be bought in advance from any band member for $10, or at the door the night of the show for $10 as well.

January 20th, Thursday night, at The Crossroads located in Garwood NJ. The Crossroads is a very well known venue that is always a great place to be for great live music, great food, and certainly a great time. The band will be returning to The Crossroads for the first time after our album release show. Tickets for the show can only be purchased at the door for $8.

February 5th, Saturday night, at The Backstage Coffeehouse located in Edison NJ. The Backstage is home to many local bands of NJ and is always a pleasure to check out shows at the venue. Tickets can purchased in advance from any band member for $8, or at the door for $10.

We hope that you can make it to all of these upcoming shows! More shows will be posted as soon as possible. Make sure you "like" and check our facebook page for all updates as well. http://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Knight-Owls/139780649373042 Thanks again everyone! -M.C. -TKO

TKO November

Hello Knight Owls fans! This is a very late update with what is happening with the band, if you can't guess, the band has been very busy between booking shows and getting our album out and on sale for fans to purchase. Lets start with shows. The band has recently just played 2 shows, 1 of which was at The Crossroads in Garwood, a very nice place for people to hear good music and eat good food, and the other was a guest spot at The Knights Of Columbus' (Woodbridge, NJ)Halloween party. Both were very productive and a great time for the band and the fans! We will be back at The Crossroads at a date TBA in the future. Coming up we will be playing The Stone Pony once again, although this time its not just a straight forward showcase, it is a Original Band Competition. 5 Bands will play, and 1 will advance to a final show to play, the winner of that show will receive many rewards provided by the venue. So please come out to see us and support us November 11th at The Stone Pony! Tickets are $8 in advance, $10 at the door. Another gig booked a little farther away in time is at Architekt Live! A new venue located in Butler NJ. We will be playing there Saturday night, January 8th. Trust us, its going to be worth the ride there! Now, our upcoming album, "Who Gives a Hoot" is just a matter of days from being completely ready to go on sale. When we will put it up for sale on Reverbnation, our Big Cartel page ( http://theknightowls.bigcartel.com/ ), and in person of course is still to be determined. More than likely we will look at our schedule and find the closest date we are playing, in relation to when we want to release it (Sooner rather than later) and make our decision based off of that. So that is all for now, but there is certainly a lot more to come! -T.K.O. -M.C.

TKO September

Hey Everyone! This is just a brief update of what is happening with the band this month. As most of you probably know already the band the will be playing at The Stone Pony in Asbury Park NJ on Sunday, September 26th. The band goes on stage at 8pm and we will get off at 9pm, an hour set. Its a short night... But no reason not to come check out the show! tickets are only $10 each, and you can pay at the door as well, just promise us that you'll make sure you let whoever is working the door the your there to see The Knight Owls! Besides that the band is still working in the studio and are almost finished, its hard to put a date on the end of the production...but we can say that the end is in sight! The CD will be available for purchase in our store on reverbnation so make sure you check there from time to time to see if it is there yet. However we will keep you updated on whats happening with that on a regular basis! Thats about it for now, more gigs are booked and on the horizon but we wont bother you with that now. More to come soon everyone. -T.K.O -M.C.


So lately the band has been rehearsing for private gig that we have coming up, so the album is still almosttt done but very soon it will be ready for release. We have our live set down and we are ready to start knocking audiences dead! Ans I promise we will have some new pics up, new videos, a couple new songs, new everything! So please stay tuned! so this is what we've been up to. All of this which sounds quite simple...but actually isn't at all. But we love it so, so that is about it for now, as soon as something new happens we will post it! -The Knight Owls

The Knight Owls July 2010

Hello everyone, so lately what we have been up to is recording and we are very near to finishing our LP. The album should be finished by hopefully mid August to late August. Some tracks from the album will be going up soon on our page here on ReverbNation. As we are coming very close to that, we have taken a little bit of a break from the studio and are getting our live material very tight and are in the process of finding some gigs in the near future, its most certainly on our agenda. Stay tuned for more news to come soon. Also come and "like" the band on our facebook page. Thanks.