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The Dawn of A New Day in the Contemporary Jazz Industry

With the downsizing of both smooth jazz radio stations, physical retail outlets, major record labels, AND jazz venues, where are we heading in contemporary jazz? Well my friends, it is not just the jazz music, it is a reflection of our society in general. Just as the everyday working American have to get up and look for another job OR create one, the same holds true for the artist (especially in the area of creating). Despite all the blows we are experiencing in the smooth jazz world, now is the opportunity for artist to really explore creating their path to freedom and success. Your thoughts...

Freeport  (almost 7 years ago)

As you mentioned the economy has certainly crippled the contemporary jazz world and the music industry as a whole. Concerts and CDs are to many funded by expendable cash. With the rising food cost, gas prices, and just about everything else folks pockets are getting thin. How do you out live this economy? Agreeing with you I think those who explore and allow their music to grow into new areas via experimentation, the marriage of multiple styles and/or mixing instrumentation for example, will always have careers that live long. Keeping it fresh. A good product will always last and be in demand. The trick will be keeping the correct balance of styles and such. Don't want to go too far out where you lose your fans.

So what's a player to do? Although my Contemporary Jazz Group FREEPORT is keeping somewhat busy I have had to put myself out there for hire-per-gig. It takes time to learn an artists Repertoire but once you do you keep the charts handy for the next call. We also use the downtime for writing new material. In other-words, use that time to, as Dee mentions, to your benefit by "creating their path to freedom and success". What does this mean to YOU? Explore your talents. Pick up another instrument to learn for the next CD. Need funds? Hire yourself out. There is good in every situation. I love the saying "snooze you lose". More than ever now is the time to push and expand!!

Dee Lucas
Dee Lucas  (over 6 years ago)

Thank you Freeport!!! Point well-taken...