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Pieces of Eight / Treasures of Old, the NEW CD from Musical Blades now available at www.musicalblades.com What a great time had at our CD Release Show! Incredible crowd and just an all around amazing night! Thank you SO much to all of those that made it out, all 14 states of fans, you guys are AWESOME!! Here’s some Ticketmaster reviews of the show just coming in, and don’t forget to pick up the new CD at our website, our shows, and available soon everywhere online! The Blades Best Party Of The Year - The Musical Blades concert totally was awesome. It was the party of the year and these guys put together a great set list. They mixed together some of their most popular hits with some of the new songs from the Treasures of Old CD. The CD is a superb collection and the guys did great putting it all together. ------------------------------- Overload of Piratey Fantastical – Great location. Not too big, not too small. The band shined and exploded their talents all evening. Fantastic music and incredible energy. All the performers are wonderful, fun, kind and amazing people. Can't wait for next time!! ----------------------------------- Musical Blades amazing – If you have never had a chance to see the Blades preform you don't know what your missing.... Was well worth the 5 hour drive from Oklahoma... High energy from start to finish played for almost 3 hours non stop.... Crowd was on there feet dancing and singing along from start to finish...Vocals and harmonies are great... Who knew Sven could sing WoW............ Overall from start to finish a great show ---------------------------------- I had an awesome time... the Musical Blades were incredible, could have listened to them all night. I enjoyed Chance the arm as an opening act..but couldn't wait to bring on the Blades!!! Happy talk like a pirate day! Great way to spend it!

Talk Like a Pirate Day/CD Release

The biggest 'Talk Like a Pirate Day' celebration ever! Join Musical Blades (this Friday, Sept 19th, 8:30pm) at our double CD release show, with special guest 'The Skallywags' and 'Chance the Arm'. It all takes place at Voodoo Lounge (in Harrah's Casino KC). Of all the shows we have ever done, up to this point, this is THE show to see! Tickets are available via Ticketmaster, or $10 at the door.

Kickstarter! New Stretch Goals!

Kickstarter Campaign Update: A New Stretch Goal! The Musical Blades (that’s us!) are so incredibly lucky to have such amazing fans (that’s you people!). Not only did our Kickstarter campaign for the upcoming double-CD “Pieces of Eight and Treasures of Old,” eclipse its total goal in less than 17 hours, we are coming close to TRIPLING our initial goal. Your generosity will give us the chance to continue onward and upward advertising to new people, traveling to new fairs, and buying new pro-quality equipment that will allow us to present the Musical Blades the way we have always wanted! We want to keep finding new ways to say “Thank You!” for your continued generosity. Kickstarter donors have already earned FIVE additional “stretch goals” ranging from wrist bands to limited-edition T-Shirts, and we are announcing yet another! When total donations get to $8,500 (currently at $8,325), we will extend the CD booklet to an eight-panel fold-out with brand new pictures, info and other goodies for the first 1,000 produced (including the early copies to all $20+ donors). With less than two weeks remaining in the campaign, and plans already underway for what ELSE we can give to say thank you if you take us even further, now is the time to get in on a piece of PIRATICAL HISTORY! Thank you again for your continued support! - The Musical Blades


OUR KICKSTARTER IS LIVE!!! 'Musical Blades - Pieces of Eight (Double CD)', the successor to the award winning 2013 CD, 'Up the Ante', is in the works and we've got tons of new swag to go along with it! As always, the support from our friends/fans goes toward recording, duplication, graphics, advertising, promotion, etc, etc., and as with our previous Kickstarter campaign, every cent, and then some, is used to further awareness of the group, expand our performance area, and bring YOU a better product. We were humbled by the show of support during our last Kickstarter campaign, that FAR exceeded our goal! Please take a look at what we have to offer. A lot of work went into our decisions/choices and we've never been more proud of a project, and incorporated new merchandise, that we're about to release! A HUGE thank you in advance!


We won!!

With all the amazing talent, at all of the Faires throughout the country, we are so incredibly grateful for these two awards. This IS our Holy Grail, our Oscar, our Grammy, and we thank you, from the bottom of our Pirate hearts, for such an accolade.


Part 2 - Interview with Captain Patch of Musical Blades...

4. What sorts of things should fans expect from the new CD and how will it differ from Up the Ante?

We are SO proud of ‘Up the Ante’! It’s our biggest selling CD release to date and our fans have really helped to make others aware of it, as well as make people aware of Musical Blades! What should fans expect from the new CD? …Onward and upward! If there’s one thing we've ALWAYS done as a band, with each new CD release, since the groups’ inception, it’s, “How can we do it better?” And THAT’s our goal, with everything we do, each and every year.

5. Musical Blades have a history of having an ever-changing crew. What benefits or detriments have come with that, and why do you think so many of your crew jump ship?

Ugh, that’s a tough one. We spend so much time together in the Blades that members have always been more like family. In fact, losing a band member is typically akin to losing a brother (or sister), or best friend… to us, and often the audiences we perform for. In a project like ours, that requires SO much time and effort, it’s typical to have every intention of ‘being there for the long haul’, but eventually realizing you just can’t commit the time and effort that’s needed. Whether it’s due to a job, school, family, a new kid, a new wife, life in general, or struggles with balancing all the above with performing, to date, as many as 42 weekends per a year, mixed with rehearsals, recording, promotional work, etc.. It can get a bit overwhelming. That said, I feel we now have the strongest, most talented and dedicated lineup to date. It’s been a blessing that the desire seems to grow stronger, with each new inception of the Blades, to keep pushing forward.

6. Looking forward to the next 5 years, what do you see Musical Blades doing?

Well, I can only say that we've accomplished a LOT over that PAST 5 years, so I can only hope the next five will hold more of the same. With the help of our fans, who have been absolutely amazing in their support and spreading the word about the group, Musical Blades will keep pushing forward, growing and progressing with each new CD release and each new performance, and we’ll continue to take this pirate ship as far as we can take it.

Transcribed by Saucy Jack Tar - benevolent/malevolent behind the scenes strings puller...and scribe of the Musical Blades.

Part 1- Interview with Captain Patch of Musical Blades...

1. What is the idea behind Pieces of Eight?

Our upcoming CD (‘Pieces of Eight’) was originally intended as a compilation of our most requested songs, spanning all eight Musical Blades CD releases, many of which are no longer available. We've really been wanting to do something like this for a long time, but we just didn't think it was enough, so we decided, recently, to also include another project that we've been wanting to do for a long time, a full CD of our take on Irish/Celtic/Americana traditional music. Historically, we've always included a couple of ‘trads’ on each CD, but we've really wanted to expand on this trend, and have had several requests to do so. The upcoming ‘Pieces of Eight’ release will actually include two CD’s; one being our most requested songs off of our previous eight releases, and the other being all traditional music. A double CD release, all in the same package.

2. The press release says 're-recorded and reworked'...what does that mean to the fans?

Many of our older CD’s were pulled from our inventory due to the sound quality of these recordings not being up to par. The problem with this decision is that we are still performing many of the songs off of these older CD’s, songs that many, including us, have grown to love, but were no longer available. The problem with continuing to distribute these older CD’s is, one, the quality, but two, they just didn't sound like ‘us’, as several band members have changed through the years, and even the way we perform many of these songs has changed since their original recording. With ‘Pieces of Eight’, all of these older songs are being re-recorded with the utmost attention to quality, as well as with the incredibly talented lineup that has joined our pirate crew since these old CD’s were released. The songs on this CD have also been reworked to represent the way we perform them now, the way we’ll always perform them from now on, and in most cases, the way we've been performing them for quite some time, but there just hasn’t been a CD to represent it.

3. What is your goal for releasing a double CD?

Simple; to release a high quality recording of our best, most requested original songs, over the past 13 years, packing as many as we can fit on one CD, and then include a completely new CD of traditional songs that many of our fans have grown to love, via several other artist, over the course of, perhaps, their entire life… We’re very excited about this new CD!

Press Release – 2-10-2014

The Musical Blades have announced a few things that should please their enthusiastic fans.

First off, the band will be putting out a new DOUBLE CD package, entitled “Pieces of Eight”. The first CD follows the band down memory lane, featuring newly recorded, and in many cases, reworked versions of over 20 various fan favorites from their last eight CD offerings. Songs selected from 2004 to 2013 (Knife to Remember, Surrender the Booty, Full Frontal Piracy, Piratically Incorrect, Live at Pubs and Pirate Core, High Seas Drifter, Modern Day Pirate and Up the Ante). These classic songs have been tracked with the current band lineup of Captain Patch, Saxton, Saucy Jack, Zulu, Gunpowder Red, Pappy and Sven Helgrim.

The second CD included in the set will be a compilation of traditional songs. Some of the songs, the band has performed live through the years, but many are completely new selections. Irish, English and American traditional songs, as well as sea shanties, are all represented and all done in the “Blades” style.

The CD Release party for “Pieces of Eight” will be happening on “Talk Like a Pirate Day”, Friday, September 19th at the Voodoo Lounge. Kansas City Irish rockers “Chance the Arm” will open the show, and the boisterous "Scallywags” will act as MC’s for the night!

Musical Blades 2014

It's a new year and we've got a ton of stuff lined up for you, and a boat load of surprises!

If you've already got our new free app for android and apple devices, AWESOME, hope you're liking it! Expect lots of updates on the app as well. And if you don't have our new app, why not?! It's free and keeps you in the piratey loop!

Our first show of the year is February 8th at the Trouser Mouse, in Blue Springs MO, a brand new venue for us, only a $5 door charge, AND we'll be introducing a brand new crew member, as well as new songs, new bits... maybe even new announcements!

So yeah, we're very excited about 2014! Check in with us as much as you can for lots of new news throughout the year! Hope to see you at the Trouser Mouse... Shake the snow off, it time to GET YOUR PIRATE ON!!

Returning Home!

GAAAAAWWW, we've missed you at home!!!! Friday AND Saturday night join us at O'Malley's Irish Pub in Weston MO (30 minutes north of Kansas City Renaissance Festival) for our LAST performance of the season! (Chuey's taking some time off to get hitched)

Two nights of Musical Blades at one of the BEST Irish Pubs in the Country!