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What is The Portal?

I am frequently asked: what is The Portal; my mother, for example, has been asking the question since the inception of the project. Words are words, are they not--in their raw form, noises that refer to things or experiences that we share in common; and, of course, words then break-down if they are trying to describe something that is not yet quite common--as is the case with The Portal. So my recommendation, for those who are pondering the question, is that there is value in not knowing—in encountering something new—for example, remember that first time you heard Howler monkeys in the jungle, or saw the man Burn, or heard some exquisite line of poetry. Or jumped off a cornice on skis? Just come with an open mind and heart, as an adventure, and I think you will enter The Portal and experience something wonderful. I also encourage you to come with your imaginations alive—for The Portal, though delivering entertainment, is nonetheless designed to be interactive with your own imagination. As a way of stirring your imagination, I will pose some questions to you: The Portal, itself—the actual Portal in the show—what is it? What is it a metaphor for? And Dante’s journey? Is that journey physical? Or a dream? Why are there two Dante’s in the same show—one on the screen and one on stage? But do not get caught too much inside your head. Although it does provoke thought, it is designed to make you feel. So move and dance....and, well, holler if you want Or just sit silently with your own experience.... I—and the Portal team of artists and engineers—have worked hard on this project for quite some time with great devotion, talent, stamina and insight —and now we offer it to you in hopes that you give it your own energy.....