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Beautiful Thing

Beautiful Thing -

My new album "Beautiful Thing" is now available on iTunes, Rhapsody, and Amazon! For those of you who have come to shows, or downloaded this album, I want to say thank you! With the release of this album, I've realized my journey as an artist has just begun... This album started with one song ("Beautiful Thing") that inspired a roller coaster of emotions inside of me. I recorded a few tracks at ACME recording company in my hometown of Rochester, N.Y. At the time, I was playing with guitarist Nate Coffey. We sat down in his living room and I showed him "Waiting on your Love". He happened to have his 16 track recording us, and I immediately fell in love with the sound. There was no fancy equipment, no expensive mics, just us, jamming. I could shut my eyes, and hear the emotion behind the music. I knew I had to finish the album there. I would love to rerecord this album one day with a full band, but for now it is the most real, honest, and heartfelt music I have written and recorded to this day, and I'm very happy I get to share it with everybody! I hope you enjoy it! - Teressa Wilcox