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Diamond Ballroom with The Toadies 6/12/ 14

Thank you, to everyone that came out to the Diamond Ballroom 6/12/14. We had a blast and feel honored to have been a part of this amazing show. We met a lot of new people and gained some cool fans. Pinata Protest out of San Antonio Tx. rocked out, top notch guys with a cool sound. The Toadies were really great guys, they did not disappoint one bit. They played the Rubber Neck album in it’s entirety for the 20th year anniversary. It was spot on. We are glad we could have been a part of it.

New Album

The new album Down to my last Dollar is just about done. We are excited. I know you guys are too!

Wayne & Amanda’s kick ass Halloween Bash

Okay everyone Wayne & Amanda’s kick ass Halloween Bash will start This Friday @ 7:00pm – 3:00am first band will go on @ 9:00 pm & headliner by 1:00 am. We will charge a 3 dollar cover that we will split with the bands. All of the four bands agreed to play for free. I think they should get something for there time. So 3 bucks @ the door. Band members are excluded. Bands : The Era, 5 Dollar Thrill, Still Breathing, & headlining will be Wild Sallee . If you plan on fighting don’t bother coming or playing grab ass with the chicks when you’re drunk. I don’t like that shit especially at my house. If you bring someone to the party you are responsible for your guest, to police them and if needed remove them. This will keep shit cool. Last year we had 80 people over and no drama. If you’re under 21, please don’t come out. I like to have fun @ my parties and don’t want the hassle of making sure minors aren’t drinking. (Sorry) I hate to sound like a stick in the mud but got to lay a few rules out. Anyone who knows us knows this party will be a blast. Please feel fee to bring something, drinks, snacks, liquor etc. This will make for a better party. I will have some beer & liquor & snacks but with everyone coming, I can’t hook up that kind of number of people up. Please message me for address or parking details. PS The Proctors are throwing a party @ The Coca Cola event center, with some of the best local talent around with cash prizes for top costumes. So please!!!!!!! if you can come out & support your local bands with Big Papas Hellaweekend party, and then come over as an after party.

New CD Out

Hello everyone, We have a new CD out the name of it is Mother Mary. It’s a collection of up tempo rock songs. I believe we captured what 5 Dollar Thrill is all about in this CD. We have copies for sale at our shows 5 songs 5 bucks. We think it’s a good deal you will too. Thank You, 5 Dollar Thrill