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New Blues Album Almost Here!

NBC, CBS, ABC, and FOX all decided not to feature our new album on their nightly news, so I guess I'll have to do it myself. WATCH THIS SPACE for the August or September release of DOUBLE LUCKY BLUES from Bill Reid & The Fewer Sorrows Band. (Don't tell anyone, but for the next few weeks, you can stream the tunes FREE at www.soundcloud.com/fewer-sorrows-music. After that, you'll have to buy the CD or downloads, unless you're a voting member of The Recording Academy.)

Fewer Sorrows Music: The Blog

Nah; it's not really a blog. Just a big THANK YOU for all the support we're getting from fans, artists and venues. Keep enjoying live music, buying CDs and MP3s, and turning your back on the "free" music downloads that either cheat or ignore those of us who write and play the music you love.

We won't let you down!