Pretty Enemy / Blog

Almost there.

Yesterday was a good day. We might just be done with tracking. We had a lot of fun, spent 2.5 hours on a part that was like ten seconds long, and now is one of my favorite parts of the whole thing. We had the whole crew in there last night. Even Justin Cormier stopped by to lay down some keys, and he was in and out just like a boss. It seems like we;ve been working on this forever, but thats one of the pros of a DIY record is the lack of constraints. We can work at our own pace, and get it to a point where we can let the little birdie fly. Last night was a good close to the tracking portion, we had some good scotch, pita bread and hummus, seaweed crunches, and pizza. Next is mixing, mastering then pressing. Hope to be able to get it all done before May. Once again thanks everyone for you support and encouragement. Hope to see every person that reads this soon. -forry

More Tracking!

We're getting ready to do some more tracking today. Hopefully we get it all out of the way today. After this we're on to mixing. We're really excited about how everything is turning out. When you work on something like this completely independently, a lot of your self goes in to it. There is no blaming anyone for the outcome, its up to us to make a great record. It has been awesome though. Everybody is just so at the top of their game it makes it so easy. Hell yeah -forry

New Tracks

Here are the first couple of tracks from our upcoming e.p. We recorded the whole thing DIY style at Pete and Lizzy's house. We have a couple more songs we can't wait to finish. Thanks everyone for your support:o) -chris